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An MRI image of the brain showing the area of ​​a patient with Alzheimer’s disease. (Getty Images)

( – Alzheimer’s disease robs patients of their memory and loved ones’ families long before they die. There is no cure, but preventative techniques do help delay the onset and severity of symptoms. Now, there may soon be a way for genetically endangered people to tackle the condition more in advance than ever before.Scientists have developed a simple new blood test that can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease Decades Before symptoms appear.

Currently, the only way to detect amyloid beta, a toxic protein that is considered a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease, is by costly PET scans or invasive spinal puncture procedures. Blood tests for Alzheimer’s disease can lead to screening programs that allow vulnerable individuals to prescribe medications and lifestyle changes. One of the reasons for a trial failure is that the trial is given to the patient after the condition has already settled.

“We are currently looking at levels of the central nervous system as a biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease,” explains Dr. Kevin Sullivan, lead author of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, according to Southwest News Services. “But the only way to do that is By brain scan Or looking at the cerebrospinal fluid through a lumbar puncture. These new results suggest that it may be useful for people to use simple blood draws, which are cheaper and much less invasive. “

When the ratio of Aβ42 to Aβ40 is low, Risk of dementia And MCI.

“If you fall below this threshold and double this ratio in middle age, you have a 37% lower risk of MCI or dementia, which is comparable to a young person about 5 years old and will reach this threshold in later years. If you go below and double this ratio, you’re about three years younger, “says Sullivan. “Amyloid in the blood may serve as a biomarker for the risk of future cognitive impairment.”

Blood tests for middle-aged Alzheimer’s disease can help prove that future predictions are wrong

In this study, 2,284 men and women with an average age of 59 years were followed for 25 years. Blood samples were analyzed at the beginning (middle-aged test) and then re-analyzed in the later years of 77 years.participant is Memory problem Or first thinking skills.

Psychiatric examination showed that 502 and 832 developed dementia and MCI, respectively.

Studies published in the journal Neurology, Age, education and cardiovascular risk factors were taken into account.

Because the brain is engaged in daily work, it continuously produces and removes amyloid beta. Can stop brain cells It’s working properly. Lumbar puncture is used because some are washed away by the blood and some float in the cerebrospinal fluid. As proteins begin to accumulate, they can collect in plaques that attach to neurons and cause permanent damage.

They are mainly composed of amyloid beta 42, which probably means they have previously been deposited in the brain. Move into the blood..

In the United States, about 6 million people currently have Alzheimer’s disease. According to the report, that number is expected to grow to 13 million by 2050. Alzheimer’s Recent studies have shown that Dementia cases worldwide will triple by that year.

South West News Service writer Mark Waghorn contributed to this report.

Blood test could diagnose Alzheimer’s disease decades before symptoms develop, doctors say Source link Blood test could diagnose Alzheimer’s disease decades before symptoms develop, doctors say

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