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The Blue Jays have played home games in Buffalo, NY and Dunedin, Florida since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

File-Before the first day of the baseball game at the Rogers Center in Toronto, members of the Toronto Blue Jays and the Detroit Tigers will file a photo on Thursday, March 28, 2019. Negotiations between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Government of Canada have accelerated significantly, and it may be possible to exempt border restrictions that allow them to play in Canada from July 30, officials familiar with the negotiations said on July 16. I told the Associated Press on Friday. 2021. (Canada news agency via Frank Gun / AP, file)
Associated Press

Toronto (AP) — The Toronto Blue Jays were approved by the Government of Canada on Friday for an exemption from border restrictions that would allow them to play in Canada later this month.

The Blue Jays have requested the federal government to allow play at the Rogers Center from July 30 and have sought a response by Friday.

“After nearly two years, the Toronto Blue Jays will finally return to Canada on July 30,” the team said in a statement.

“The club has been granted a national tax exemption by the federal government, can play Major League Baseball games at the Rogers Center, and has a strong health and safety protocol in place.”

The Blue Jays played home games in Buffalo, NY during the shortened season of 2020, starting this season in Dunedin, Florida, and then moving to Buffalo. The Government of Canada did not allow the team to play in Toronto due to the risk of spreading COVID-19 due to the need to travel frequently in the United States during the baseball season.

“There is no place like a house,” the Blue Jays tweeted.

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said the decision was made in collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada and was approved by state and city public health authorities.

Mendicino said the plan included significant restrictions on unvaccinated individuals.

He also said that each team has a designated compliance officer.

“Anyone who violates these strict conditions may be revoked and subject to fines or prosecutions under the Quarantine Act,” he said.

Justin Trudeau said this week that these restrictions could end in mid-August, but the US-Canada border remains closed for unnecessary travel.

Major League Baseball requires tax exemption for unvaccinated players and team staff to play games in Canada. As of this month, fully vaccinated players with valid work permits no longer have to complete 14 days of quarantine upon entry into Canada, but some teams have been vaccinated. There are players who are not. Quarantine exemptions and surrounding protocols must be approved.

Negotiations between the Blue Jays and the federal government accelerated over the final day.

The team described Friday as a break point and noted that the long homestand, which begins on July 30, accounts for more than 25% of the remaining games during the critical period of competition. The Blue Jays finished third in the American League East on Friday.

The team has already begun preparations at the Rogers Center, but will move what they need from Buffalo to prepare for Toronto operations, including ticket sales, according to two team officials who spoke AP on condition of anonymity. I need a lead time for this. I was not allowed to speak publicly.

Toronto last played at the Rogers Center with a capacity of 49,000 on September 29, 2019, beating Tampa Bay 8-3.

Blue Jays ace Hyun-jin Ryu signed with the team before the 2020 season and hasn’t played in Toronto yet.

The club said in a news release this week that MLB vaccination rates are high and more than 85% of athletes and team staff are fully vaccinated. The club must show evidence that vaccinated athletes and staff at home and visiting teams do not need to be quarantined and have a negative COVID-19 test, and fully vaccinated individuals He said he would be inspected weekly.

Blue Jays get approval to return to Canada on July 30 Source link Blue Jays get approval to return to Canada on July 30

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