Blue Star Mothers ask for help with annual ‘Wreaths Across America’ to honor fallen veterans – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-10-24 10:24:14 –

Horry County, South Carolina (WBTW) — The Blue Star Mothers on the South Carolina coast are seeking donations to fund the annual Wreaths Across America program.

Last year, due to a pandemic, the organization could only cover about one-third of the Florence National Cemetery. They dedicated a wreath to every three tombs, and now they are seeking your help to increase that number this year.

Sharon Russell, the financial secretary of Blue Star Mothers in Coastal Carolina, can be involved in the military family. Honoring these veterans is just one way she pays for it, as the Marines have a son and the Navy has a daughter.

“I put a wreath, take a picture and send it to my family, which really means a lot to them,” Russell said.

Blue Star Mothers has been a member of Wreaths Across America for 11 years. The day they honor the veterans who fell by offering a wreath to the tombstone. As a registered sponsor of Florence National Cemetery, you get one-third free for every two leases you buy.

“People around the world care about the services their veterans paid to our country because it makes so much sense to their families,” Russell said.

In 2019, the organization was able to cover almost the entire Florence National Cemetery with a wreath. Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a setback in funding. They were still able to cover one-third of the graveyard.

“Trying to choose who to give the wreath to is not the decision I really want to make,” Russell said. “Rather, I want everyone there to pay homage to their service and their families.”

This year, Blue Star Mothers is seeking your help to increase last year’s numbers. The death toll of veterans is increasing, much of it due to COVID-19, and their goal is to place as many wreaths as possible.

“Wreaths Across America’s motto is to remember those who have fallen, to serve the younger generation, and to honor those who literally teach that freedom is not free,” Russell said.

Last year, they were unable to hold a ceremony in the graveyard because of COVID-19. According to Russell, this year it will be held on December 18th, and we hope it will be held.

If you would like to sponsor a wreath, please visit: www.WreathsAcrossAmerica.org, Or contact Sharon Russell bsmcc.slrussell@gmail.com For more information.

Blue Star Mothers ask for help with annual ‘Wreaths Across America’ to honor fallen veterans Source link Blue Star Mothers ask for help with annual ‘Wreaths Across America’ to honor fallen veterans

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