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Mexico City — Vice President Kamala Harris came to Latin America to convey a message rather than consolidate some concrete arrangements.

She frankly told immigrants not to travel to the United States. She talked about the evil of government corruption that leads to turmoil. She urged countries to strengthen enforcement at the border.

She ended her journey without securing promises to strengthen immigration enforcement or expand the path to legitimate immigrants. But she also did so without a serious doubt.

This was her first international trip on Air Force One and was the first step in addressing the core foreign policy issues that have plagued the US president, at least since Ronald Reagan.

But this trip not only provided her with the opportunity to step into the international arena talking about the Biden administration on important issues, but also highlighted the vague nature of the portfolio that President Joe Biden handed her to — Spike. Emigration at the border with the United States to address the root cause of.

Harris was able to move away from the talks between Guatemala and the President of Mexico and talk about his commitment to work more closely with them on economic development, trafficking, smuggling and the fight against corruption. But she also faced a persistent question about her decision not to visit the US-Mexico border. Republicans have seized the fact that neither Biden nor Harris have visited the border to claim the administration’s absence on this issue.

Harris was also called by the Democratic left for using her platform in Guatemala to tell people thinking of fleeing to the United States that they shouldn’t. “Don’t come,” she said, evoking the dangers of travel and the Biden administration’s commitment to border security. “Dont come.”

Democrat Alexandria Ocasiocortes of New York called these comments “disappointment” and said it was legal to seek asylum.

The White House aide repeatedly sought to reveal that Harris’ mission focused on diplomatic solutions to the immigration situation, but she once again introduced a diplomatic chop to explain herself. I was forced to spend part of my intended trip.

“It’s very easy to say,’We travel to one place, so it’s solved,'” she said. “I don’t think anyone thinks it will be the solution.”

Her overseas debut was complicated. She sought to engage in the deepest reasons people risk trekking and crossing the border with the United States, whether illegal or through the right to seek asylum.

Harris often talks about her belief that “most people don’t want to leave home,” as he said in a meeting with Guatemalan President Alejandro Jamatei. Her goal is to regain hope for the community, forcing residents to flee their homes for better opportunities in the United States, she says.

Criticism from both Republicans and some Democrats has challenged the nature of the political turmoil in the mission and the difficulties Harris faces in finding success in the uncontrollable challenges that have only grown in recent months. Emphasized.

Illegal border crossings have steadily increased since April 2020, but accelerated further under Biden after President Donald Trump exercised pandemic-related powers to deny immigrants the opportunity to seek asylum. ..

The new president quickly abolished many of Trump’s hard-line border policies. In particular, it is a program that keeps asylum seekers awaiting court days in the US Immigration Court in Mexico, often in dangerous situations.

US border authorities encountered nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children in March. This is the highest ever. Overall, there were over 170,000 border encounters in April, the highest level in more than 20 years. Suspensions under pandemic authorities have no legal consequences and encourage some once captured to continue the challenge, so the numbers cannot be compared accurately.

Still, analysts praise Harris’ first direct entry into the region, and even when her political opponents are trying to distill the migration issue into border situations, the Vice President has a clear grasp of the nuances of the challenge. He said it reflected.

Eric Olson, Policy Director for the Seattle Foundation, a group focused on good governance in Latin America, said: “There is little you can do to stop the transition quickly. You should acknowledge it and lay the foundation for dealing with long-term problems.”

Olson pledged to fight corruption at a press conference with President Guatemala and praised Harris for concentrating meetings in the region on civil society groups and small business owners rather than on the private sector.

And he publicly announces to Mexico that it will cooperate with the United States on economic opportunities in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, as Mexico has traditionally treated Central America as an “annoying guest just walking in your yard.” He said it was an important step forward to make a promise.

“This is the first, perhaps weak step, but it’s something because they traditionally didn’t accept it as their goal,” he said.

As the first female US Vice President, Harris spent much of her travels focused on promoting women in the region. She met female entrepreneurs in Guatemala and Mexico and announced a $ 40 million program in Guatemala focused primarily on creating opportunities for indigenous young women.

Harris, the first black and South Asian vice president, said her historical position was in her mind and informed her of her approach when touring the region.

“Welcome to show anyone, regardless of race or gender, that they might do something first, but make sure it’s not the last,” she said. “And in that way, let’s pave the way for others to be able to do what they thought they couldn’t do first in their families and communities. But God gives them that They have given me the ability. To achieve it, and with a little help, they will do it, “she said in Guatemala.

This trip was Harris’s busiest public place to date. She held a long bilateral meeting between Guatemala and the President of Mexico, presided over a roundtable meeting with entrepreneurial and worker leaders, and was questioned by the press many times a day.

She started her trip with Air Force Two. On a short visit with a travel reporter, I brought a baked and decorated cookie to the reporter to look like her to mark the beginning of her journey. She concludes her time in Mexico with an extended press conference, where she asks questions about topics such as immigration law enforcement and voting rights.

She turns from a difficult problem in Washington to another. The White House said it will spend next week hosting a voting-focused event as the Democratic Party is struggling to find enough support in Congress to write broad voting protection in law. ..


Washington Associated Press author Calvin Woodward contributed to this report.

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