BMW and Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer speaks to an electrified M car

BMW In collaboration with Academy Award-winning composer and curator Hans Zimmer Vision M concept, An innovative design study of 600 horsepower announced in 2019. The Hollywood theater blends surprisingly well with Munich’s performance cars, so the collaboration extends to production vehicles.

Zimmer creates a driving sound for i4 sedan (Including M brand model)and iX crossover, versus EV Introduced in 2021 and 2020, respectively, they will arrive in the showroom in the coming months. The sound of the zimmer sounds like it’s heard by passengers, not pedestrians — forgive puns.

Many EVs make artificial sounds, but creating the right one for BMW’s high octane M brand is a daunting task.when We drove the 2021 M5 competition, We wrote that it features “a super loud exhaust system that you will fall in love with as soon as your neighbor begins to hate you.”Sound is a big part of the driving experience sports car, And replacing it is not as easy as it sounds. Zimmer chose to tackle the problem from a different angle.

He said “I want to give” [M drivers] Renzo Vitale, creative director of sound at the BMW Group, said the original purpose of the project was the sound “a sense of sound-related explosion.” He said the end result expresses “force, fusion of strength, fusion energy”.

Zimmer’s bimmer noise can be heard at about 1: 39 of the video embedded above. To us, it sounds like an engine in the sense that the timbre gradually changes as the revs increase, but it’s less robotic and mechanical than an in-line 6-cylinder or V8. This is a more futuristic soundtrack. Enthusiasts will decide whether it is good or bad.

Most BMW buddies and rivals are looking for an alternative to exhaust noise. hybrid And Electric car In those ranges. Maserati Previewed the sound Its second generation Gran Turismo And Gran Cabrio makes it. It is higher than BMW. Mercedes-Benz Will be selectable by the user From a range of pre-recorded sounds, And it’s not too far to imagine Aftermarket Intervene to give the driver more options. Changing the car sound can be as easy as changing the ringtone. Download it, configure it, and you’re ready to go.

Meanwhile, hybrid pioneer Toyota He argued that zero local emissions does not necessarily mean zero noise. The video has been released Of hydrogen combustion Corolla Tested on the race track prior to the competition debut in May 2021. It sounds like a gasoline-powered hot hatch, and test driver Hiroaki Ishiura said it was very similar.

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BMW and Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer speaks to an electrified M car

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