BMW complains that Daimler is not sufficiently environmentally friendly

I often criticize manufacturers, but I strive to continue to sympathize with their collective plight. Despite being multinational companies that are usually unaccountable, they still need to make a profit to maintain their presence and are constantly addressing fluid regulatory rules and social pressures. .. This is one of the reasons why green initiatives often focus on optics and money rather than achieving specific environmental goals.

But, as BMW and Daimler recently discovered, not sticking to cultural doctrine can have real consequences. Both companies have been sued in their native Germany for failing to meet their carbon reduction targets and not setting a formal date to abolish internal combustion engines.

If you’re an eco-warrior or one of the Extinction Rebellion types that block the road, it probably sounds reasonable enough (Unproductively idle the vehicle) As a way to protest air pollution. But if you’re sane, you may be wondering how consumers can continue to buy and sue the company to manufacture products that have existed for over a century.

Apparently, it’s all anger in Europe.

Earlier this month, Greenpeace and German non-governmental organization (NGO) Deutsche Umwelthilfe (literally DUH) took immediate action against Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz’s parent Daimler and oil producer Wintershalldy. If not, he said he would take action. Strengthen their environmental efforts.

This sounds like blackmail, Last year, a case law was actually set in the Netherlands.. A proceeding was filed against the Royal Dutch Shell, and the district court ruled that the company needed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030 (compared to 2019 levels). ). Shell argued that the earlier schedule of 2050 was still in compliance with the Paris Agreement. However, the court appeared indifferent to the agreement and eventually stood by Friends of the Earth, the Netherlands, Greenpeace, the fossil-free Netherlands, and their co-plaintiffs.

Since then, NGOs have decided to oppose the oil issue with German automakers, this time with Greenpeace and DUH taking the lead.according to Reuters And in Germany Handelsblatt, A formal proceeding was filed on Monday night.

In a letter to the company in early September, the company was asked to agree to the NGO’s requirements, including restrictions on the production of pre-2030 internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, until September 20.

Neither company has so far set an end date for production of ICE vehicles.

BMW and Daimler Reuters On Monday they did not accept the NGO’s request.

As you know, much of my controversial anger about electric cars comes from the fact that they are obliged, not improved to the point where it makes sense to buy an internal combustion engine car. .. We already have a regulatory environment that imposes economic penalties on entities for not being fully environmentally friendly. However, with this constant government involvement, companies can take a break to sell EVs and manufacturers can get off with just a tap on their wrist. When are they For real Ruin things..

It borders on the whole being a farce, and it often seems that no one is seriously and objectively investigating this. EVs are great for some, and not at all practical for others. Their rapid adoption can also have indirect consequences in places like Germany, where the population continues to rely heavily on coal for energy production.

Something tells me that an unlimited push to electrification may pan out Like the EU’s previous passion for diesel.. Europe has been promoting diesel vehicles as a more environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline for decades, providing all sorts of incentives to ensure that residents buy them. Then it turned out that they flooded the atmosphere with nitrogen oxides and loaded the city with soot. The resulting backlash confused regulators by upgrading efficiency rules that automakers didn’t want to comply with.Now they are ready to accept electric cars in the wild abandonment, almost ignoring Danger of mining materials needed for battery production, Extensive unemployment related to EV manufacturing, When Proper grid loading..

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BMW complains that Daimler is not sufficiently environmentally friendly

Source link BMW complains that Daimler is not sufficiently environmentally friendly

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