BMW patented projection side mirror display, cool but pointless

The problem with the sales business is that you always have to outperform your rivals. Automakers know this better than anyone. So without the gimmicks installed in the car, it would probably have been just as good. But no one knows what will be accepted by consumers, and you can’t catch big fish without going fishing, so almost every patent has been filed.

BMW reportedly did just that with a new virtual mirror technology system that combines camera-based mirrors with older projection technology. The goal seems to replicate the experience of traditional side mirrors (which work well), but adds some of the latest features that can only be achieved with new features.

Share for the first time by BMW i4Talk forumThe latest Bavarian patent replaces the side mirrors with a camera, but eliminates the video display normally required for the partially opaque reflective sections of the window. The imagination is sent from within the cabin to the area, providing an experience that can provide the latest HUD functionality without the need for a separate screen. Drivers can also benefit from a little aerodynamics in the car, as they don’t need door mirrors.

It’s an interesting concept. The patent application (issued by the European Patent Office) does not seem to occupy much cabin space, making the transition more intuitive for veteran drivers. However, it comes with the obvious problem of not being able to roll down certain parts of the side window. The details of the patent refer to this, suggesting that the semi-mirrored glass can be effectively moved to another location and stationary. BMW also wants the ability to adjust the brightness so that the driver is not dazzled after sunset and is clearly visible during the daytime hours.

But that is far from a complete solution.

Our biggest concern is that camera-based systems cannot change the position of the head and change the field of view.This was a common concern as well drive And it’s a particular concern for safety regulators. The camera system provides a fixed view from anywhere, and mirrors allow you to round your skull and capture more roads. This is something you wouldn’t even think of until you sit in a car that relies entirely on the camera and realize that good sound doesn’t always work out on paper.

The biggest problem has always been that cameras add unnecessary complexity to bulletproof systems from the start. Blindspot alerts are welcome (if the driver does not discourage reconfirming on the head turn), but they do not actually change the functionality of the side mirrors. You can’t even imagine a world where a side-mounted camera with a projector can be replaced cheaper than reflective glass covered with plastic, or a world that lasts longer to ensure faithful images and requires less cleaning.

However, in the United States, camera-based mirror systems are not legally allowed to replace mirrors, so this is not a problem. Please go.

[Image: sylv1rob1/Shutterstock; BMW/European Patent Office]

BMW patented projection side mirror display, cool but pointless

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