BMW revives classic logo, historic colors of the 50th anniversary of the M division

  • To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the M brand, which started as BMW Motorsport, BMW will bring back the classic logo of some models and 50 old colors such as Daytona Violet and Macau Blue.
  • The “BMW Motorsport” emblem places three specific semicircles of blue, purple and red around the BMW roundle to show how automakers are connected to the race.
  • These new old features will be available on request from January, and the first model built with the old logo will be off line in March.

    BMW is reviving the performance logos of past races and numerous old school paint colors to celebrate the 50th anniversary of BMW Motorsport. The actual anniversary will not occur until May 24, 2022, but if you want to look back, it’s okay to start early.


    BMW announced this week that it will continue to offer some models the classic BMW Motorsport emblem next year, but you must be the one who wants it. First, the new old logo is only available on request. Next, you need to buy a new M model or a non-MBMW with an M Sport package. $ 107,000 2022 BMW X5M, Maybe? Whichever you choose, only new BMW orders from the end of January 2022 will be equipped with the new old emblem, and the first car manufactured with the Classic logo will be manufactured from March.

    Inspired by the classic BMW Motorsport logo, the new emblem replaces the standard blue and white Roundel on the front and rear of the vehicle and on the wheel hubs. The BMW Motorsport logo encloses the brand’s standard logo with blue, purple and red semi-circular lines. This version was first used in BMW Motorsport racing cars in 1973. According to BMW, the colors represent BMW (blue), racing (red), and two connection methods (purple).

    BMW said 2022 will be an exciting year, in addition to a trip to a history book on the appearance of the new car. It has not yet been clarified exactly what is included.
    “We have a wonderful year celebrated with unique product highlights and exciting performances,” said Franciscus van Mir, Chairman of the Board of BMW M, in a statement. “M has long been considered the strongest letter in the world and is more powerful than ever in our anniversary.”

    bmwm logo

    bmwm logo

    Regarding exterior paint options, BMW said next year that it will reintroduce what is called the “50 iconic and historically important BMW M paint finishes” to the selected models. The list includes Dakar Yellow, Fire Orange, Daytona Violet, Macau Blue, Imola Red and Frozen Marina Bay Blue. These old paint options will be available in several new options next year, including the first M3 touring model and the M4 Coupe series.

    At some point in 2022, BMW will also introduce a successor. M2, And “the first electric high-performance model in the history of BMW M GmbH” will be released.

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BMW revives classic logo, historic colors of the 50th anniversary of the M division

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