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Board postpones voting on vaccine mandate – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-10-13 22:12:21 –

The Board of Directors of Long Beach City College has postponed today’s vote on the resolution until October 21st. This requires students to be fully vaccinated for direct instruction this spring semester. (File photo)

The board has postponed voting for a resolution requiring vaccines for students returning to campus this spring semester.

In an email sent to the campus community, “The Board of Trustees of Long Beach Community College has set items 4.3 (updated COVID-19 response) and 5.7 (solved, COVID-19 vaccination) from the agenda of tonight’s meeting. I will pull out. “

“The Board will hold a special meeting on Thursday, October 21, at 5:30 pm. At the request of the campus community, the special meeting will be new to public comments, campus COVID-19 updates, and vaccines. Campus Policy “.

Item 4.3 was set up to discuss the proposed vaccination plan and consider details in relation to the possibility of mandatory vaccines.

Within the agenda of item 4.3 was a proposed timeline for the next semester, along with survey responses showing how people felt about the mandatory vaccine.

The data provided show that the majority of the surveyed people agreed with the vaccine requirements, with 56% of students and 59% of professors voting in favor of the required vaccines for students.

Current compliance from students, professors, and faculty members will also be discussed with data supporting that the majority of the campus community actually submitted proof of vaccination.

Item 5.7 was set to consider a resolution this spring semester that requires returnees to be vaccinated.

The resolution states: “From the start of the spring semester on February 7, 2022, students will be offered class attendance and / or on-campus face-to-face services only if they provide vaccination proof, except for exemptions or other accommodation. You can get it. It is approved as required by law. ”

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