Board to consider hiring outside attorneys in wolf lawsuits

2021-10-15 17:45:08 –

Madison, Wisconsin — The State Department of Natural Resources Policy Committee will vote next week on whether to hire its own lawyers in two lawsuits to stop wolf hunting in the fall, the committee’s Republicans and the Democratic Government. It emphasizes that the cracks between them are deepening. .. Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul.

The department announced on Friday that the board would be remotely convened and voted on Monday. Fred Plain, chairman of the board, said it was unclear whether Cowl’s Justice Department would represent the board members’ parent wolf managers in court because the lawyer had not discussed with the board members.

“We haven’t met them, they haven’t talked to board members or talked about strategy,” Prehn said. “The board feels that it is not being discussed.”

DOJ spokeswoman Gillian Drummond said in an email to the Associated Press on Friday that a lawyer from the authorities was in contact with a lawyer from the Ministry of Natural Resources about the case. She said a lawyer from the Justice Department would attend the meeting on Monday.

Plain has been in conflict with Evers since his term on the board expired in May. The governor appointed Sandra Nurse to replace him. This is a move to give Evers appointees control of the majority of the panel.

Plain, appointed former Republican governor Scott Walker, refused to resign. He argues that he doesn’t have to leave until the Senate confirms the nurse. The Republicans dominate the Senate, and there is no move towards a confirmatory vote, ensuring that the board is under GOP control.

Playing with a political battle is a fierce battle for wolf hunting in the fall. The August board has set a quota of 300 for the fall season, and conservationists and the United States are concerned that hunting at the end of winter will weaken wolf populations and prevent them from sustaining two seasons in a year. Offended the Indian tribe.

A coalition of wildlife advocates filed a proceeding in August at the Dane County Circuit Court to prevent autumn hunting. Six tribes filed a federal proceeding last month seeking the same.

DOJ represents the Board of Directors and DNR in both proceedings. A hearing in the state proceedings is set for Thursday and a hearing in the federal proceedings is set for October 29. The wolf season is scheduled to begin on November 6th.

DNR Secretary Preston Cole is the appointed person of Evers. Earlier this month, the department took unprecedented steps to openly rebel against the board and unilaterally reduce the wolf quota to 130 wolves.

In addition, Cowl has filed a proceeding to expel Plain from the board. A judge in Dane County dismissed the proceedings last month, but Cowl asked the state’s Court of Appeals to overturn the decision. Judgment is pending.


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