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Bobby Dalbec and Hunter Renfroe helped the Red Sox maintain hope for the playoffs after pedestrian (or just bad) in the first half of the season.

Kyle Schwarber’s Bobby Dalbec is giving a high five to the Red Sox after hitting a solo home run with the Tampa Bay Rays last week. Adam Grantsman / Getty Images

If Bobby Dalbec went before July 31st and tried to claim to be one of the best Red Sox players heading for the post-season push, he would probably be laughed at and shouted from Interweb. ..

Still, it’s here.

According to Fangraphs, the Boston Red Sox player with the highest WAR since the closing date on July 31st …Bobby Dalbec (1.3)..

Yes, it was literally exactly the same Bobby Dalbec Worst red sox player And bottom 10 players In all of the major leagues Among all players who had a turn at bat before July 31 (according to WAR).

The man suddenly revived and changed in the past month, hitting Boston batters with more than 100 at-bats since the deadline for OPS (1.110), aggressive WAR (12.1), and weighted run creation plus (189). I’m leading. His batting average of 0.313 in that span was second only to Alex Verdugo, and 18 of his 31 hits were used for extra-base hits, including 10 home runs.

He was very good because the Red Sox couldn’t get him out of the lineup, even though Kyle Schwarber was folding.

Dalbec has largely maintained his first baseman mission, Schwarber has played only four times since his arrival, and has even proved that he can spell Rafael Devers in the third place. His defenses aren’t enough to write at home yet, but his bat is enough to make you forget it.

The second-best Red Sox player since early August made as much turmoil on the field as he had on the plate. Of course, it’s Hunter Renfroe.

Outfielder armed with a cannon Rank in just behind Dalbec Team in a home run from August 1st to 12th with OPS (.955), aggressive WAR (8.9), and overall WAR (1.2) (> 100 plate emergence) between qualified Red Sox players. I’m leading.

Most recently, he stole the game almost on his own from his division’s rival Tampa Bay Rays last week. Clutch on a monster with 2 run moon shots And two timely outfield assists.

Efforts inspired by MLB’s outfield assist leader It’s especially noteworthy given how hard the Red Sox are struggling to defend their recent positions. This is a problem that we cannot afford to have in the balance of the season.

Also, Dalbec and Renfroe’s powerful play comes when faced with the turmoil of socks. Half of the active roster on the COVID-19 reserve list Since August 27th, as of Sunday, 10 Red Sox are still on the list, with their best players Xander Bogaerts, Rafael Devers and JD Martinez fighting in slumps and miss times.

As the usual suspect begins to heat up again, Boston finds himself sitting 81-64, leading the New York Yankees one game for the final AL wildcard spot heading for action on Monday night.

If two of the team’s most unlikely heroes, Dalbec and Renfroe, hadn’t helped bring things to light, it’s natural to wonder if they would be in this position.

I hope they don’t have to do it alone, as some of the usual suspects, Bogaerts and Martinez, are showing signs of recent life.

Bobby Dalbec, Hunter Renfroe helping keep Red Sox in playoff mix Source link Bobby Dalbec, Hunter Renfroe helping keep Red Sox in playoff mix

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