Bobby Wagner Acquires $ 1.2 Billion Investment Platform Shares

Seattle Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner was on the sidelines before the NFL Preseason football match against Denver Broncos on Saturday, August 21, 2021 in Seattle.

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Bobby Wagner, a linebacker in the National Football League, is now a stakeholder in social investment platform, both parties told CNBC. Seattle Seahawks stars also advise on the company’s program for college athletes.

Established in 2015 public Is an investment platform that enables users to buy stocks and promotes awareness of financial literacy and the stock market. The company has raised $ 310 million and said investors include venture capital firms Accel, Greycroft and entertainer Will Smith’s Dreamers company. Public agencies are personally valued at $ 1.2 billion, according to the Pitchbook.

Wagner publicly announced the deal on Wednesday at his weekly press conference. The public also said it would distribute free shares to Wagner fans opening accounts. Wagner’s investment terms were not available.

In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, Wagner explained why he invested in the platform. “What they are doing, and financial literacy is important to me,” he said.

“We want people to understand how money works and how people invest,” Wagner added. He then labeled Public “Community-you can talk to people and get their thoughts on why they are investing in a particular thing.”

Public co-CEO Leif Abraham told CNBC that the company has more than one million users and “wants to expand education around the stock market.”

Seattle Seahawks Bobby Wagner # 54 reacts after playing against the Carolina Panthers in the fourth quarter of the game at Bank of America Stadium on December 15, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Add to his business

This deal is another for Wagner’s portfolio. In 2020, he Join a technology fund Founded by Fuse Venture Partners. The company wants to invest in an early-stage Seattle-based company.Wagner joined as a venture partner with other investors, including Yuan Microsoft John Connors executives and ex Amazon Executive Satbir Khanuja

The 31-year-old Wagner is in his tenth season with the Seahawks, who defeated Indianapolis Colts and started the 2021 NFL season.Wagner will be made $ 13.1 million Part of a three-year $ 54 million extension he negotiated in 2019 this season.

As part of the pubic deal, Wagner will also advise a team of college athletes who can benefit from names, images and portraits following a Supreme Court ruling this summer. ..

When discussing athlete decisions with money, Wagner said, “I want to see more players out of the idea of ​​giving it to others to invest. Instead, get the knowledge. Attach it so that you can have a conversation instead of having a conversation. I told you what to do. “

Wagner admitted that he still has information on how to increase wealth, such as “learn how money works and what it takes to make it successful.” “I’m still learning which stocks to invest in, when to sell them, and when to hold them. So this partnership is a platform for me to learn too.”

In the first week of the Colts match, Wagner recorded the best 13 compound tackles in the game. In the second week, the Seahawks will face the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. The Seahawks are the first to host fans in the Lumenfield in regular season matches since 2019.Last season, fans Coronavirus pandemic..

“You definitely feel that energy, and when we’re playing a team we know we can’t, we take advantage of it. [audible] It’s just as difficult to communicate, “Wagner said the fans were back. “I’m sure it’s a weapon for us and other teams feel the same.”

Bobby Wagner Acquires $ 1.2 Billion Investment Platform Shares

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