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Rome (AP) — Skeleton wreckage of what is believed to have been a slave to the rich and his man …

Rome (AP) — A skeletal wreckage was found in Pompeii, believed to have been a slave to a rich man and his man who fled the eruption of Vesuvius about 2000 years ago, archaeological park officials said. I said on Saturday.

A partial skeleton was discovered during the excavation of an elegant villa on the outskirts of an ancient Roman city destroyed by an eruption in 79 AD. This is the same area where the stables with the remains of three horses were excavated in 2017.

Pompeii officials said the two men seemed to have escaped the first ash fall and succumbed to a powerful volcanic eruption the next day.

A cast was created from the entire skeleton, taking advantage of the impression of the victim’s shape made of hardened ashes.

Judging from the skull and skull, one of the victims was probably a young man aged 18-25 years with a compressed disc in the spinal column. With that discovery, archaeologists hypothesized that a young man did manual labor like a slave.

Another victim found nearby, according to Pompeii officials, was probably 30-40 years old, with a strong bone structure, especially in the chest.

Both skeletons were found in the corridor, which led to the stairs to the upper floors of the villa.

Based on the impression of the cloth folds left on the layer of ash, the young man probably wore a short wool pleated tunic. The older victim appeared to have a cloak on his left shoulder in addition to wearing a tunic.

Archaeological sites near Naples continue to be excavated, but tourists are currently banned from entering archaeological parks due to national anti-COVID-19 measures.

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Bodies of man and his slave unearthed from ashes at Pompeii Source link Bodies of man and his slave unearthed from ashes at Pompeii

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