Body camera footage shows an Ohio man killed by police after a hospital struggle | Ohio

According to police body camera footage released Wednesday, a police officer who regularly puts down a man in a hospital emergency room finds a gun in his waistband, fighting for weapons and standing. Spurred off, a policeman killed him.

Police officers were searching for black Miles Jackson in the hospital on Monday, preparing for a custody exchange over an arrest warrant. The video showed Jackson began wrestling with two officers after one of the two officers felt a gun.

One of the police officers used a stun gun on Jackson after falling to the floor, and the other tried to pull Jackson’s hand away from the waistband. The shot can be heard in the video, apparently from Jackson’s waistband gun.

The policeman who surprised Jackson hid outside the room. The video showed that the other officers seemed to have once set fire to Jackson before hiding behind the hospital bed.

The officer shouted for a few minutes at 27-year-old Jackson, raised his hand and put it on his head. The officer eventually used the stun gun again at Jackson, who was by his side on the floor of the hospital room. Another shot is heard in the video before the policeman fires.

Jackson died in a shooting at Mount Carmel St. Anne’s Hospital on the outskirts of Columbus.

Jackson was taken to the hospital early that day, and after leaving, apparently found in a nearby bank parking lot. Before Jackson was returned to the hospital, a Westerville police officer easily stroked him, according to footage from the policeman’s body camera video.

“I hit you really quickly. Make sure you don’t have anything to you, yes, no weapons or anything like that?” Said the officer. Jackson repeatedly asked for cigarettes, saying he was worried.

Columbus police were called to the hospital because Jackson had a good warrant in the city.

As Jackson entered the hospital’s emergency room, a policeman handcuffed his left hand to the hospital bed. A few minutes later, police officers unhandcuffed and began collecting Jackson’s fortune.

“There’s nothing sharp in your pocket, right?” Asked the officer. “Hopefully someone would have caught it sooner.” About a minute later, a bullet fell from Jackson’s pants.

“Uh, oh. There was a little bullet action,” the policeman said quietly when he picked it up. “Don’t see people carry them every day.”

Within the next minute, the officer told his fellow officers to take the Jacksons arm around him. “He has a gun,” said the officer.

For more than three minutes, a police officer outside the room shouted dozens of orders to put his right hand on his head with his left hand at Jackson lying on the floor. The video showed that one Columbus police officer was still behind the bed in the room, pointing his gun in the direction of Jackson.

“I’m just scared, everyone,” Jackson said at one point. Later he said. Are they not going to shoot me? He also told officers that he wasn’t going to do anything and he was leaning on his right hand.

Police officers again instructed Jackson to raise his right hand.

“Slowly raise your right hand into the air. Slowly,” she said. When Jackson said he was lowering the gun, the policeman said, “Don’t touch the gun. Let go of the gun and put your hands on your head.”

The video showed that the second use of the stun gun, the shooting, and the police shooting erupted within seconds of her order.

On Wednesday, the Westerville police chief took a leave of absence from the two police officers who first contacted Jackson. “If a policy breach is found, there will be an appropriate level of accountability,” he told residents.

Westerville police officers Eric Everhart and David Runmart, both white, will be on vacation during an internal shooting investigation, the agency said. However, the ministry’s investigation cannot overlap or interfere with an independent investigation conducted by Attorney General Dave Yost, so it will be put on hold until it is completed, Charles said.

Columbus police have identified shooting officers Andrew Howe and Ryan Kritibaum, both 15-year veterans of the agency.

Emergency room staff tried to revive Jackson. He was sentenced to death in the hospital, officials said. Officials said officials, hospital staff and doctors were not injured.

Body camera footage shows an Ohio man killed by police after a hospital struggle | Ohio

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