Body found in Jasper motel identified as Samuel Olson, autopsy shows he died from ‘homicidal violence’ – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-06-08 18:25:51 –

The boy was reported missing last month and his body was found about a week ago. His father’s girlfriend has been charged in connection with his death.

Houston — Body Found earlier this month in a plastic trash can in a Jasper motel room Actively identified as Samuel Olsson..

5 years old Reported missing 5 days before discovery..

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The boy’s father’s girlfriend, Teresa Balboa, Detained in a motel and charged with falsifying evidenceIt was she who reported that Samuel was missing, but police said there was a hole in her story from the beginning.

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According to the first autopsy report, Samuel died from “murderous violence with a dull head injury.”

On May 28, the day after the boy was reported missing, Balboa’s roommate told the detective: Samuel died on or around May 10. He said Balboa called him during work that day and told him that Samuel had died. When I got home, my roommate said: Their apartment in WebsterHe saw Samuel’s bruised body lying on the bed. He said he and Balboa had put their bodies in the bathtub for several days.

My roommate told police that he went to Wal-Mart and bought a plastic trash can and gum tape. A receipt was found during the investigation. He and Balboa wrapped Samuel’s body in a vinyl sheet and put it in a trash can. He said he took it to the next warehouse. Webster’s 16650 Highway 3.

The man said he had booked a room in Balboa in his name. Best Western Inn on West Gibson Street in JasperSurveillance cameras showed a man and a woman getting off a truck registered with the man and dragging a plastic bottle into Room 106. It was around 3:30 am.

The man who said he drove Balboa to Jasper went home and called Crime stopper Told them that you can find her in Best WesternJasper police interrogated Balboa before finding the child’s corpse in Room 106. They contacted HPD and the Texas Rangers heading to Jasper. Balboa was detained.

Balboa Faced with a judge for the first time on Monday morningThe judge raised her total bail to $ 600,000 at the request of the prosecutor.

New bonds include: $ 500,000 for tampering with a human corpse And last November, another $ 100,000 was added for suffocating Samuel’s father. When she was, she had a $ 5,000 deposit for the claim. I was arrested in Jasper last week.

The district attorney said further charges could be filed once the autopsy of the body found in Jasper’s motel room was completed.

Body found in Jasper motel identified as Samuel Olson, autopsy shows he died from ‘homicidal violence’ Source link Body found in Jasper motel identified as Samuel Olson, autopsy shows he died from ‘homicidal violence’

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