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Boise State University has long owned the University of Hawaii, and no one outside the Warriors’ locker room gave too many shots against the Mountain West Conference marquee program.

So when the Warriors rebounded from 23 points, with Keith Smart’s 4-yard touchdown catch and Calvin Turner’s 2-point conversion, Broncos would be who they were when it came to a one-possession game with five minutes remaining. You must have wondered. I will play at Aloha Stadium this Saturday night.

However, a huge third down throw from Boise State University quarterback Hank Bahamayer to Karil Shakir and a third down keeper by Buckmeyer who needed to be reviewed and measured before confirmation, when Broncos rained. The last moment was enough to secure a 40-32 victory.

Bachmeier completed 21 of the 31 passes with 278 yards and a touchdown. Andrew Van Buren managed an 11-yard touchdown run on his way to 113 yards in 27 bluesing carries. Avery Williams’ MWC top special team player explained why with a 99-yard kick-off return. A game in which Broncos became 4-0 in the league match and 4-1 overall.

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Hawaii fell 2-3 overall and 2-3 at MWC, despite the last second heroic by second-year quarterback Chevan Cordero. He hit 25 out of 48 with 253 yards and three touchdowns. Turner also performed breakout performance with three touchdowns and two successful two-point tries, but that wasn’t enough. Turner had 32 yards and 12 rushes for the score. He also delayed the game by catching 65 yards of 5 passes and 2 scores.

Down 40-17 to start the fourth quarter, Cordeiro and Co. marched down the field and tried to return to the field. Warriors combined eight plays, a 72-yard drive, and ended with a 17-yard touchdown pass from Cordeiro to Turner. This is the third score in the game. After Matt Shipley added the PAT, Boise’s advantage was cut to 40-24, with 9:56 remaining. Turner’s two-point conversion closed the score, and UH cut it to eight, leaving 4:56 on a 4-yard TD pass from Cordero to Smart.

Dragging 19-3 to start the second half, Hawaii got the ball first and made the most of it with a vivid 13-play, 87-yard drive run by Turner. Did. Hawaii chose to choose 2, but Cordero ran out of goalkeepers to 19-9, leaving 11:09 in the third quarter.

Fifteen seconds later, Boise State University was 26-9 after Williams regained a 99-yard kickoff for a touchdown. Hawaii’s special team is not very good. The kickers were volatile, the coverage guys were slow, and the team was able to abuse both in all five games this season. The play removed air from the balloon for UH.

The attack continued with a predictable three-and-out, and Williams stuck to UH again, this time returning Punt to UH 26, 36 yards. After three running plays, he didn’t show up locally because he fell into the bank. Hawaiian commercial-Van Buren scored 33-9 from 11 yards with 8:18 remaining.

Hawaii put together another good drive and scored with a great pass from Cordero to Turner. Turner tied the sidelines tightly with a rope for a 36-yard touchdown. It was the second score in his game. He converted the two-point attempt to 33-17, leaving 5:36 in the high-scoring third quarter.

Boise State University swiftly attacked with a 43-yard pass spray from Bachmeier to Stephancobs to UH 36. After four plays, Van Buren scored from 11 yards for the second time in the quarter, expanding Broncos’ advantage to 40-17. 3:43 remaining.

The score in the first half did not seem to be so high. Boise State University finally put together a good drive, tied 3-3 to start the second quarter. It started in the first quarter and ended in the second quarter with a 43-yard field goal by Jona Dalmas, the second in the game, to 6-3 with 10:09 remaining. Broncos advanced 55 yards in 12 plays and needed a touchdown, but wide-out CT Thomas dropped the ball three yards away from Thomas the Tank Engine, calming Broncos to three.

Hawaii won a pick in the middle of the second quarter with Bachmeier’s long attempt, but the defense was forced to maintain a score of 6-3 with three outs, and UH surpassed that kick, 34 yards. Abandoned his punt return to Williams. Coverage development is slow. UH lacks the speed of a special team, showing weekly that Broncos has started driving with UH44.

After two plays, Buckmeyer discovered that Shakir cleared the middle with a 38-yard touchdown pass. The PAT was blocked, with Boise State University leading 12-3, leaving 5:12 in the second quarter. Again, the UH attack didn’t get anything to counter Broncos’ strict defenses. The three-and-out led to a punt with four minutes remaining, and there was enough time for Boise State University to stab another punt into the end zone.

And that’s exactly what Broncos did on a trick play pass from Thomas to Shakir from a distance of 3 yards, extending his lead to 19-3 with 54 seconds remaining. This was Shakir’s second touchdown grab in the quarter.

Hawaii’s defense forced a three-out pair to start the game against a powerful Boise State University attack. This year, Broncos is a good start and outperforms the competition 101-40 in the first half. Warriors wasted the first effort, but the second effort led to someone moving the stick for the first time when Cordeiro escaped from third place on a 33-yard run on Boise territory. ..

From there, Cordero mixed a short quick pass with some of his own lovely scampers to finish third at Boise State University 10. However, the Warriors couldn’t turn and had to settle for a 27-yard field goal by Matt Shipley. I hit only 4 of the 8 3 pointers to enter the game.

Broncos dropped to 3-0 with 4 minutes and 36 seconds remaining in the opening round, but started the game by stealing the ball at 25 for the third consecutive time. But this time, Bachmeier found a 55-yard complete deep in the UH territory as Thomas kicked off with the first down of the game. Hawaii had a chance to get Broncos off the field, but Pritchard couldn’t play Shakir in the third down and scored his first goal at 6.

However, the chop block penalty for Broncos, which was probably a missed call, led to a second and goal at UH 21. Broncos couldn’t convert and drew the match with a 32-yard field goal by Dalmas. With 3-3, 1:13 remains in the first quarter. It was the first time in 13 attempts that Broncos failed to record a touchdown in the Red Zone.

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Boise State holds off late Hawaii rally for win at Aloha Stadium Source link Boise State holds off late Hawaii rally for win at Aloha Stadium

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