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The following is a breakdown of the Chargers’ 7th week of the season news.

Six weeks after the 2021 season, the Chargers were 2-0 in the AFC West and 4-2 overall. The Chargers’ first six opponents heading for the seventh week of the season were 22-14 overall, two in the second and sixth weeks against a 5-1 team pair in Baltimore and Dallas. There are two defeats. The Chargers were the heroes of Justin Herbert, Mike Williams, Austin Eckeller and Keenan Allen, who unveiled their weapons in an attack in 2021. See 10 insights heading towards Bolt’s goodbye weekend.

On Monday, head coach Brandon Staley talked about the tough opponents the Chargers faced and Bolt’s ability to be elastic regardless of the game situation.

“I think it was really hard for me to stretch these six games,” Starley said. “Everyone took a break. I know I didn’t feel like playing the best ball. It’s tough no matter how much I lose. It’s always tough, whether it’s near or yesterday. The team has always responded no matter how the game evolved. Our approach felt consistent regardless of the type of win, loss, win or loss. That’s you. As a coach, I want the approach to be consistent no matter what. “

The Chargers will host the New England Patriots on Halloween following Byweek. Starry knows they’re facing another tough opponent, but he explains that he can’t forget to look at Bolt’s roster first and get the most out of Buy Week. Did.

“I believe in the Chargers’ reputation,” Starley said. “It’s really important because many people say,’Hey, we’re going to New England. Let’s just go.’ The next three days are actually position groups as coaches today and Wednesday Tuesday. First, let’s take a look at the after-action report for the first six games. Let’s take a look at the staff to see what went wrong. This guy is playing the right role. Where do you think you can go this later in the season? Acquisitions etc. We start with positions. Groups, then units. This is not catastrophic for the NFL, people do this. New I think it’s important to study chargers before embarking on England. “

On Thursday, the Chargers officially signed wide receiver / return specialist Andre Roberts, abandoning wide receiver KJ Hill Junior Roberts, who was a professional bowler in each of the last three seasons, and was picked up after being released by the Houston Texans. ..

Roberts will bring speed, athleticism and a veteran presence to Bolt’s special team unit with 11 games remaining. When Roberts isn’t on the football field, he’s an avid golfer and spends a lot of time giving back to the army. Before Roberts wears a suit for the first time in a bolt uniform, let’s take a look at five things you need to know about Roberts.

After 6 weeks of the season, we will charge individual statistics readers.

Passing Yard: QB Justin Herbert (1,771)

Lashing Yard: RB Austin Ekeller (356)

Pickup Yard: WR Mike Williams (498)

Score: RB Austin Ekeller (48)

Intercept: CB Asante Samuel Jr./LB Kisir White (2)

Sack: OLB Joey Bosa (3.5)

Tackle: S Derwin James Jr. (50, 35 solos)

Odds and end Matt “Money” Smith answers the week 7 email bag question.Power ranking This week’s video

This week also brought a collection of videos to Chargers fans. Watch the top videos released throughout the week.

All-in | Episode 5

The fifth “All In” brings an all-access look to the Chargers wide receiver duo Mike Williams and Keenan Allen. Behind the scenes, take a look at the official behind Williams’ breakout 2021 season and his career day against the Cleveland Browns.

Mic’d Up: Kyzir White vs Baltimore

Relive the outstanding day of Kisir White in Baltimore during Bolt’s sixth week match against Baltimore Ravens. White recorded two pass cuts, tying the team’s best total of eight tackles that day.

Question from Popeye Box

This week’s “Questions from Popeye’s Box” features Donald Param Jr. In the second year’s tight end, we’ll talk about the inspiration behind the Touchdown Celebration, how to give it a nickname, and more.

Lets Play: Justin Jones vs. Kizil White

This edition of Let’s Play with McDonald’s in Southern California, Chargers linebacker Kizil White and Defensive Harness Justin Jones will face off in an NBA 2K22 game at the Chargers Gaming Studio.

This week’s tweet The future is here!

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