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Portland, Oregon 2021-10-09 20:29:43 –

Portland Plan Parent-Child Relationship Event Held on Saturday

Sae Yamamoto speaks with Senator Ron Weiden, Jeff Merkley and Earl Blumenauer on October 9, 2021 in Portland’s planned parent-child relationship (KOIN).

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — Some Oregon Legislatures attended a Portland-planned parent-child event to raise opposition to the near-total ban on abortion in Texas. ..

The Federal Court of Appeals immediately on Friday night Allowed Texas to resume most abortion bans, Just one day after the clinic started racing to serve patients for the first time since early September.

A one-page order from the Fifth US Circuit Court of Appeals reinstates the strictest abortion law in the United States, which bans abortions, usually for about six weeks when cardiac activity is detected. Rape and incest are no exception.

Senator Suzanne Bonamici and Senator Earl Blumenauer, Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Jeff Merkley They reaffirmed their stance on preventing the law passed in Texas from spreading nationwide.

“In fact, there are militants attacking reproductive rights from Texas to Washington, DC,” Weiden said. “We wanted you to know that your parliamentary delegation would not be on the sidelines and would not be silent in the face of this enormous effort to regain reproductive rights.”

Bonamici talked about the number of days before abortion is legal and the dangerous and dangerous methods women use to end their pregnancy.

“It was often life-threatening that they desperately relied on,” Bonamichi said. “We must protect the right to safe and legal abortion. It is absolutely necessary.”

She also said the groundbreaking Supreme Court ruling, Roe v. Wade, arose from a Texas lawsuit.

Merkley added his call To remove filibuster. Without it, the new law on reproductive rights would not be able to pass the Senate, he said.

Bonamici: ‘We must protect right to safe, legal abortion’ Source link Bonamici: ‘We must protect right to safe, legal abortion’

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