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West Palm Beach, Florida — Women did not interfere with their personal struggle to improve the challenging times of hundreds of other people. She needs your help to move forward during the greatest challenges of her life.

Mariella Contreras stood in her kitchen, and her sister Dennis Osartin was by her, surrounded by carefully stacked items.

“We have cozy socks, chapsticks, and a notebook where you can create your own district,” Contreras said.

They are preparing a care package for women who will never meet, receiving items on the first day of chemotherapy.


Mariella Contreras is preparing a care package in the kitchen.

It was a confusing experience for Contreras, a 23-year-old who was diagnosed with triple-positive breast cancer. She received dual mastectomy and chemotherapy while caring for her mother, who was fighting lung cancer at the time.

“She really sticks to making a difference,” explained Osartin.

They call themselves boobeat troopers. They collect what can create a world of emotional differences during physical battles.

Mariella Contreras and sister Dennis Osartin prepare care package


Mariella Contreras and her sister Dennis Osartin prepare a care package.

“You are sad, scared, alone,” Contreras recalled.

At the time of her first diagnosis, Contreras had a strong and stoic attitude.

“No, no, no, I had cancer, had surgery, they got rid of it, didn’t claim, didn’t accept. That’s it, I’m at school, as you know. I continued my life, taking care of my mom, “she said.

Beyond that stage, she was healthy enough to use in vitro fertilization to welcome her baby girl with her high school lover, and her life went forward.

In 2019, she experienced a new blow and this was the first time Contreras was frustrated.

Ashley Walters interviews Mariella Contreras


Ashley Walters interviews Mariella Contreras.

“I believe there is God, he is there. I get angry, upset, ask questions, but I still believe. Yeah,” she said.

Metastatic cancer of her breasts had spread to her lungs and her brain. Contreras is determined to overcome it and fight.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m very skeptical of my faith, but uh, I stick to it no matter what, do you know?”

Contreras has been persistent in working with Boobie Troopers, which collects products from the community and provides products to hundreds of women at four regional hospitals in South Florida.

“Cancer is ugly, I hate it. But we don’t believe it should define us, you know, it holds my life Shouldn’t I be angry when I can’t chase my daughter? I can’t live or be a normal mom. Cancer definitely took me a lot. But It doesn’t stop me, it doesn’t break me, “she said.

Mariella Contreras Packing Care Package.


Mariella Contreras Packing Care Package.

She found hundreds of women she helped reaching out to help her.

“On social media, she posts everything good, bad, and ugly,” Osartin explained.

She realized that she was supported by others in the process.

“Every time I go to scan, can I get Boobie Troopers together and pray for me?” She said.

She looks to the future and hopes to help the community continue her efforts.

“I’m imagining myself at my daughter’s wedding. I’m imagining myself getting older with my husband. So life goes on. Yeah, sure,” she said. ..

You can find Boobie Troopers Facebook When Instagram. Local businesses and restaurants can reach out to sponsor bags and donate large amounts of supplies. They welcome donations.

You can also buy and donate items from the Amazon Wish List. Please click here.

‘Boobie Troopers’ founder in fight for her life, continues to serve others Source link ‘Boobie Troopers’ founder in fight for her life, continues to serve others

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