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Denver, Colorado 2021-10-08 17:56:48 –

The number of Americans vaccinated with COVID-19 is steadily three months as older people and people with medical conditions seek boosters and, due to government and employer obligations, force more workers to get their first vaccination. Has increased to the height of.

Demand is expected to skyrocket in the coming weeks if regulators approve Pfizer vaccines for elementary school students, and some states are resuming mass vaccination clinics in anticipation.

In Missouri, a mass vaccination site for an old Toys’R’Us store will open on Monday. Virginia plans to deploy nine large immunization centers in the coming weeks, including one at the Richmond International Raceway.

Colorado opened four mass vaccination sites in mid-September, primarily to address employer obligations, and authorities confirmed a 38% increase in vaccination across the state in the first week. bottom.

The total dose administered in the United States has increased towards an average of 1 million doses per day, almost double the level in mid-July, but still well below last spring. This increase is primarily due to boosters, with nearly 10% of the population over the age of 65 already taking third shots, but there are signs that demand from other groups is also increasing.

Dr. Cyrus Sharper, COVID-19 data director at the White House, said Thursday that 1.1 million doses had been given, including over 306,000 to newly vaccinated people.

Organizers of efforts to reach approximately 67 million unvaccinated American adults have been obliged to approve Pfizer boosters for increased demand, forcing employees to choose between shots and jobs. And says it is due to cool statistics showing almost all COVIDs-19 deaths are in unvaccinated.

“Some people need shots to keep working,” said Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez Fisher, who runs a mobile vaccine clinic primarily for Latino Americans in Colorado.

Last weekend, his clinic delivered 30 shots to people outside the Mexican Consulate in Denver. “Recently, 30 is a very good number,” he said.

Dr. Danny Avla, Virginia’s Vaccine Coordinator, said opening a large vaccination center will allow the local health sector to focus on reaching poorly serviced communities. “This should really help ease the burden on local providers,” he said.

Ryan McKay, who oversees the COVID-19 project in the Blue Ridge Health District, said last week that the number of people firing at the mall in Charlottesville, Virginia doubled from the previous week.

He said the current major impetus lies in low-priced areas. The health district has set up mobile clinics for weekend basketball tournaments, high school football games, and even a corner market where 20 people are vaccinated a day.

“These 20 vaccinations sound small, but it’s a real success,” McKay said.

Vice President Kamala Harris stopped at the Vaccine Center in Newark, NJ on Friday to meet with patients and healthcare professionals and recommend injections to people.

“This has an end,” she said. “I feel we are really starting to face this.”

Alba Lopez, Ohio, tired of the twice-weekly tests required by his employer Chase Bank, fills out an online form daily to show his fever and mood, and then Pfizer at the Columbus Public Health Department on Friday. I decided to get the vaccine. ..

The vaccine “helped to avoid it all,” Lopez said. Lopez also thought that her company would eventually need it.

Health officials in Springfield, Missouri have opened a new vaccination site at a former toy store because it was the early epicenter of the Delta Surge and anticipates an influx of people.

With regulatory approval, an additional 28 million US children could be targeted for weight loss children’s shots as early as November. Regulators have not yet addressed the issue of booster shots for people vaccinated with Moderna or Johnson & Johnson, but it could happen soon.

John Mooney, Assistant Director of Springfield-Greene County Health Department, said: “Demand has already risen in the last couple of weeks.”

Boosters, employer mandates drive increase in U.S. COVID vaccines Source link Boosters, employer mandates drive increase in U.S. COVID vaccines

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