Booze-to-go approved by Wisconsin Senate – Twin Cities

2021-03-23 16:00:52 –

Madison, Wisconsin — It’s easy to buy Booze-to-go under a bill passed by the Senate in Wisconsin on Tuesday.

One bill allows bars and restaurants to sell mixed drinks and glasses of wine. Use an unauthorized opening prevention sticker. The Senate approved the bill with 28-2 votes without debate. Congress passed it next week. It now goes to Governor Tony Evers.

The Wisconsin Tourism Attractions Association, the Wisconsin Tavern League, and the Wisconsin Craft Beverage Union have registered for support. The Wisconsin Food Association and the Wisconsin Public Health Association are the only groups registered in opposition.

Another bill allows people to order takeaway drinks from bars, restaurants and grocery stores. You can pick it up online or by phone at the property’s parking lot. The Senate passed the proposal in a voice vote without debate and sent it to Congress.

Kwik Trip Inc., New Glarus Brewing Company, Walmart Inc., and the Wisconsin Grocers Association have registered to support the bill. The Wisconsin Public Health Association, the Wisconsin Municipal Federation, and the Wisconsin Beer Distributor Association all register against this.

Evers spokeswoman Britt Cudaback did not immediately respond to an email asking which bill Evers would support.

Booze-to-go approved by Wisconsin Senate – Twin Cities Source link Booze-to-go approved by Wisconsin Senate – Twin Cities

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