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Tucson, Arizona 2021-11-09 00:38:49 –

Nogales, Arizona (KGUN) — Nearly 20 months later, the United States opened its borders for non-essential travel.

Many companies along Molly Avenue were grateful to see more customers influx into their stores.

“It would be great if this pace could be maintained,” said Chiss manager Charles Park.

Park said the business had fallen during the pandemic, but hopes today is a sign of the future.

Supply problems are widespread nationwide, but Nogales stores say they are ready for demand.

“Stock prices are still waiting to fall,” Park said. “It’s not really a matter of supplies, it’s just leaving the item out of stock.”

Divina, another business on the street, was closed for six months. Currently they have no employees.

“”[It was] The owner, Jose Vazquez, said it was “a little difficult,” but Vazquez and his wife are already on the rise.

During the pandemic, they welcomed five or six people to their store most days, today they saw three times that.

They expect the weekend to bring more business. Basquez said people living far from the border believe they have time to drive to their place of entry.

“I’ve been waiting for something very bad for two years,” Basquez said. “It’s okay in a day or two.”


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