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This year, 46 immigrant groups were discovered in Brooks County.

Brooks County, Texas — Vice President Kamala Harris Visits El Paso Thursday’s border comes a few days before his planned tour with Texas Governor Greg Abbott and former President Donald Trump.

Dr. Michael Vickers is a Brooks County Veterinarian. He also runs a militia group he founded, known as Texas Border Volunteers.

“The situation is getting worse,” said Dr. Vickers. “People who have private property in the border area, I was overwhelmed by the traffic across that property. I cut the fence and broke into my house.”

He said it was all happening in Brooks County with his property and the property of a nearby ranch. He’s so bad along the border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott that if he doesn’t get the job done, one of his business clients with property there is ready to build his own wall. I said it was done.

“The people who own the ranch actually own a big construction company, and if the governor doesn’t build it, they’ll build their own walls,” he said.

“Their current situation is terrible. There is a huge group that comes across that property. I think they have a 9 or 10 mile river frontage.”

Relation: There is an increase in immigrant groups found in Brooks County

Meanwhile, Vickers and his militia group are planning to go out next week to patrol the signs of immigration on the north and south sides of the Falfurias checkpoint.

When they found a group of people passing through the brush, they turned around and said they would call on the authorities to take charge of immigration.

“Border guards give us information,” he said. “They tell us where all the traffic goes through. Like us, we fill the gaps they can’t fill. We’re on that private land and they I’m watching a trail that isn’t there. Human resources to do so. “

Relation: Sheriff: Many migrants were found dead this year in the country of Brush in South Texas.

Also, other immigrants never remove it from the brush because of the cruel terrain and heat.

Deputy Sheriff Brooks County told 3News on Wednesday that three bodies were found, and the number of migrants who died in relentless land reached 46 this year.

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