Boris Johnson celebrates his second anniversary with number 10

IT FEELS SURPRISING July 24th is just the second anniversary of Boris Johnson’s arrival at Prime Minister’s Office Number 10. In the last two years, he has packed enough cases to keep another man for 20 years. He witnessed a second divorce, a third marriage, and the birth of what appears to be a sixth child, infected with covid-19, and flirted with a grim reaper. On the political front, he accused Congress and expelled 21 Tories Grundy from the party for voting against the government in Brexit, losing a majority in the process, winning a spectacular reelection and entering into a Brexit agreement. signed.

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What to do with this swirling Dervish? Johnson is the infamous “Marmite” politician. Fans forgive him for anything. The enemy considers him a dangerous bahoon. The latter group now includes his former chief advisor, Dominic Cummings. BBC The very idea that Mr Johnson is prime minister is “obviously ridiculous.” He is also an alpha / gamma politician, calling for a gorgeous marking scheme at his former alma mater, Oxford University, sometimes blinded by political geniocracy and incompetently stunned by others. The question is which will prevail during his remaining tenure.

Johnson intuitively understood that the 2008 financial crisis ended the neoliberal consensus. Globalization has left too many voters behind, creating complacency and self-attachment winners. He is not just a Trumpian wrecking ball, but a European Union bureaucratic petifogary, but trying to reshape globalization with a past pattern of Britain’s raging seas. As political parties declined and voters became more celebrity-obsessed, he grew up a turbulent bonomy, became a media star, and went through the television studio and the Mayor of London’s office instead of the sultry committee and whip offices. I was promoted to the top job.

But anyone who can sniff the future with all the changing breeze can also make the scariest hash of things. He fulfilled his promise to “achieve Brexit” by willingly agreeing to the Irish Sea customs border and denying what it meant. He was in a hurry with his first response to covid-19 and missed the first five emergency meetings trying to sort out his personal affairs. The scandal began at £ 200,000 ($ 275,000), partly brought to the fore by party donors, leading to a (rapid reversal) decision to flatten Downing Street and exempt the public from quarantine. .. Contact tracing app.

The prime minister’s big problem, the country’s big problem, is that exactly the same characteristics and conditions explain both alpha and gamma. The first is extraordinary resistance to chaos. Johnson grew up in an unstable home and spent months in a mental hospital with endlessly dishonest fathers and mothers suffering from memory debilitation. The two divorced. The family went home 32 times in the first 14 years. It was around the time he turned an introverted sweatshirt from Alexander into a Boris Etnian swell. When the addict returns to the needle, both in personal and professional life, he repeatedly returns to confusion. Explaining why he chose politics over comfortable life as a writer and journalist, he chose the following metaphor:[and] Make yourself crazy. Since then, he has derailed Britain.

This tendency towards chaos is associated with two other trends. It is a belief in lasting optimism and the power of the individual (especially one Boris Johnson) who forms the event. His writing echoes in the plethora of words “amazing,” “wonderful,” and “wonderful,” as if Sinclair Lewis’s Babbitt had swallowed a plethora of PG Woodhouses. He dislikes the effects of the common establishment of fatigue in the world. He seems to think that if nothing is done, the threat will disappear on the issue of Scottish independence, which depends on the very future of Britain, which he governs. He instinctively sticks to the historical theory of “great men,” according to which people such as Winston Churchill, who wrote the book, and Silvio Berlusconi, who seemed obsessed with it for some time, Bend “Fortuna” to their will. ..

This psychology is behind his more exciting move, from breaking the conservative deadlock to Brexit to passing the vaccine procurement program to venture capitalist Kate Bingham. But it’s also behind his worst. Even his predecessor Theresa May does not have an alpha cinchilla about her, but nevertheless realizes that the conundrum posed by the Irish border cannot be ignored or hoped for. was doing. Jeremy Hunt, who led the competition with Johnson for Conservative leadership in 2019, may not excite the crowd like the man who beat him. But if only 50,000 conservatives choose milder abilities over violent hair unpredictability, thousands of people may have died in the early chaotic stages of the pandemic. There is.

Fasten your seat belt

Ominous for those who like quiet life, there are more and more gamma grades. Johnson’s trouser-seat approach is unsuitable for classifying and stacking components of post-Brexit political solutions. Moreover, he seems to have fallen more and more into his own myth. While in the limelight, he succeeded as Mayor of London by appointing a crack team to handle the administration. However, as prime minister, he failed to delegate and initially fell to Mr. Cummings, who throws grenades, and later acted like a faction-filled court king. In May’s testimony of the Parliamentary Special Committee on covid-19, Cummings recalled complaining about the confusing treatment of the pandemic. “Chaos isn’t that bad,” Johnson replied in a retelling of Cummings. “Chaos means that everyone has to look at me to know who is responsible.” ■■

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Boris Johnson celebrates his second anniversary with number 10

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