Boris Johnson Manages Expectations in UK Covid-19 Plan | UK

BOris Johnson It is rarely more than a few sentences away from the metaphor. So it was his announcement on February 22nd of the timetable to ease the latest blockade. “Spring is approaching with the crocuses of hope plunging into the frost,” he murmured. The language was familiar, but the content was not. Johnson only made gradual relaxation of restrictions in the United Kingdom (other regions), in contrast to his previous promise to “send virus packing” to ensure a quick return to normal. Insisted. England Make your own plan). If everything goes according to plan, the school will reopen on March 8th and the shops will continue in April. Pubs with no outdoor space will have to wait until May. The remaining rules will remain until June 21st. The crocus of hope must be a rare summer flower variety.

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At first glance, this note is amazing. Despite the ongoing vaccination program, the UK blockade is one of the toughest in Europe. More than a quarter of the British already have jabs, compared to about 4% in France and Germany. By mid-April, one should have been offered to everyone over the age of 50 and others who are particularly vulnerable to the virus. Does it really need a pint?

The problem is that about 17,000 British people are hospitalized for the virus, thanks to the surge in cases in January. Another surge in infectious diseases or the emergence of new variants can overwhelm medical services. And the minority who don’t have or choose not to have a jab remains at risk. Even a relatively cautious approach could add 30,000 deaths to the UK’s current tally of 122,000, according to a model scrutinized by government scientific advisers.

Politics also pays attention. The British are more enthusiastic about public health measures than their European neighbors. For example, 70% favor the cancellation of large-scale events, compared to less than half of the voters in Italy and France. Several people believe that Johnson is moving at an almost right pace. Many people think his timetable is too fast rather than too slow.The Tories are a loud and minority MPThe opposition Labor Party, which has repeatedly accused the prime minister of being reckless, wants a quicker withdrawal, but will not complain. And while the government has denied doing so, the plan provides ample room to provide some freedom to support voters in time for the May 6 local elections. There is. The crocus may still bloom earlier than charged. ■■

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Boris Johnson Manages Expectations in UK Covid-19 Plan | UK

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