Boris Johnson may not be able to afford a gorgeous wedding, but there is no doubt that he will have a wedding | Zoe Williams

I What is the upper class favorite curtain? What they ate, what they drank, what they wore. Orange juice is a special occasion drink and a moment of tremendous luxury. I once had an affair with an aristocrat who spent $ 35 on the sofa. This was in the 90’s. Even if you bought a one-bedroom apartment, you may still have some city tax coins left.

I haven’t understood it at all since the invention of Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds.I don’t understand how you spend £ 27,000 takeaway in 8 months, As claimed to have been done by Johnson. Why don’t you look at the stacked boxes and think like this?I could have been able to give a scholarship to something I’m interested in. Instead, I just Digested It. “

When it comes to interiors, velvet, gold wallpapers, incredibly noisy stripes and patterns – if you live like this pair, the weirdness of your banquet that exists in this constant dissonance of your own luxury You’ll never forget that. Whenever you spill dinner, you’ll notice your waste. I wish Johnson and Simmons weren’t the type to spill, but the first about this relationship. It was revealed by public insight. At least one of them..

Therefore, even if the announcement does not exactly match the pure festival, their next wedding should be at least a psychosocial sight. As we know, the prime minister is about money. It’s chaotic. This is a polite way of saying ridiculous tone. Johnson is the following man. Ask for cappuccino on the intern and never returnOn a memorable occasion, the organizer of the dinner party Had to threaten to sell his legendary mean as a diary story Before he pays his share.

You can imagine a wedding plan in the hands of such a person: just a glass of uncertain soft drink before service, and many acres in front of guests like Sahara. Hungry and thirsty, hours of milling, photography, and landing on food, but it’s just a mi mi mi acre. It’s a pay bar.

Simmons obviously doesn’t want such an arrangement, as I’m guessing here. She doesn’t want anything preceded by the word “quiet”. She doesn’t have to listen to her mentors, and Johnson’s third round subtly suggests that prudence is a courageous part. She doesn’t want anything but the Duchess of Cambridge. Probably, there are additional dramas. Theresa May and Keir Starmer wore designer sackcloth to commemorate. Dominic Cummings may be walking in front of him, cleaning and licking the ground.

The problem with weddings is that if you agree with the idea that it costs a lot to convey your dedication, it costs more than you can buy. If the cost of a wedding is exactly the same as what you can afford, it’s not enough to express the luxury of your love. This problem is exacerbated by the concept of “what can we afford?” If you are Johnson and Simmons. This doesn’t seem to make sense, as budgeting is a fluid and elastic principle, based on who can lend what before the Daily Mail knows.

Even wrapping the head in excess needed to meet the couple’s various tastes and vanity demands is a considerable challenge, plus a quasi-dictatorial display and the urgent need for his seriousness this time around. Message. I’m already worried about their toy bags. I’m thinking of Brexit celebration coins, Mr & Mrs Snowglobe, and macaroons. What on earth do you know?

I got married for the second time on a very tight budget. The registry office offered a special program on Wednesday afternoon for £ 48. It’s the same as a regular ceremony, but I couldn’t choose the music myself. I had to choose between R Kelly and Pachelbel’s Canon. Then I went to the pub by bus and my new Mr. brought me a ritual sword for my son to cut the cake. Anyway, I got off the bus so we need to get Uber Has pierced the shipping budget of £ 1.50 per mile. We also succeeded in losing the sword.

There’s nothing I would have done differently that day. Oh wait, I might have reconfirmed the invitation email-more or less my family’s surname after W I missed everything. But there is nothing else.

It’s capricious that weddings are expensive. Johnson and Simmons don’t have to go bankrupt with this, but it would be very interesting to see them challenge.

Boris Johnson may not be able to afford a gorgeous wedding, but there is no doubt that he will have a wedding | Zoe Williams

Source link Boris Johnson may not be able to afford a gorgeous wedding, but there is no doubt that he will have a wedding | Zoe Williams

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