Boris Johnson of Britain faces a rebellion against his leadership

Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Newcastle upon Tyne, England, November 22nd.

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London — You know that the Prime Minister caused a fuss when journalists had to ask, “Are you all okay?”

But that’s exactly what happened on Monday after UK leader Boris Johnson gave a speech to CBI, Britain’s largest industry lobby.

ITV News journalists asked Johnson how he was awkwardly slipping through notes, rambling, and sometimes cohesive, after the Prime Minister seemed lost in the middle of his speech. It was a speech without. Tangent about the virtues of Peppa Pig World.

Johnson told business leaders at a Confederation of British Industry conference that he had been to the Peppa Pig theme park, which is based on a globally successful children’s television show, and said it was “a place like me.” ..

Been to Peppa Pig World?

A transcription of Johnson’s speech, released on Tuesday in Downing Street, is the success of Peppa Pig, the British creation that made the Prime Minister world-famous, “The Power of British Business of Invention.”

“I went to Peppa Pig World as we all have to do. If you’ve been to Peppa Pig World, would you hand it over?” Johnson asked the audience and their answers. “It wasn’t enough,” he said.

“I was a little vague about what to find in Peppa Pig World, but I loved it. Peppa Pig World is a place like me very much. There was a very safe street. Discipline at school. We are focusing on the new mass transit system. I noticed. Even if it’s a bit stereotyped about Papa Pig, “he said with a laugh from the audience.

“But the real lesson for me about going to Peppa Pig World was about the power of British creativity. Tony, a pig that looks like a hair dryer, or maybe a pig like a hair dryer like Picasso. Has been rejected by the BBC and is currently being exported to 180 countries. There are theme parks in both the United States and China and in New Forest, “said Johnson, who said the project was at least £ 6 billion ($ 8 billion). Said it was worth it.To the UK

Taken on January 21, 2019, this photo shows a woman walking past a Peppa Pig movie poster at a theater in Beijing.

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“I think it’s a pure genius, right? No government in the world or Whitehall civil servants in the world could probably come up with Pepper,” Johnson said.

The British Prime Minister is often famous for his eccentric wisdom, and some say he likes promotional stunts. Johnson is hanging from a zipper wire at the 2012 London Olympics. This is one of the unforgettable examples.

However, the tangent to Peppa Pig, coupled with the loss of his notes, has caused both embarrassment and bitter reaction to the British media and politics.

Hold the power supply

Johnson’s speech was branded as “Chamboric” by the “Senior Downing Street Source” quoted by the Daily Mail. A minister told the city’s AM newspaper that the speech was “horrifying” and reminiscent of the moody television character Bean.

The Leftist Guardian described the speech as “strange” and said it spurred growing disappointment with the Johnson Conservative Party’s seize of power.

The newspaper is increasingly concerned about the prime minister’s ability and willingness to make a rambling speech to business leaders and be accused of losing understanding of a range of key policies from social care to railroads. Said that.

Johnson’s rant at the CBI meeting is the latest incident that has hurt the Prime Minister’s Office in recent weeks. The government’s proposal to overhaul the country’s provision of social care has been highly criticized, as has the decision to modify and reduce the planned rail infrastructure improvements in northern England.

Moreover, the government’s commitment to “regain control” of immigrants after Britain has left the EU is becoming more and more hollow as thousands of immigrants try to reach the British coast in small boats.

Johnson has also been accused of dealing with the “threes” dispute surrounding the MP and whether the MP should be granted a second job.

He succumbed to pressure last week by proposing that lawmakers should be banned from acting as “paid political consultants or lobbyists,” but his response to the situation and his descent to the problem he Increased fatigue in his leadership.

Johnson’s approval rate has fallen since the summer. The latest reading of the monthly YouGov poll 64% of adults in the UK believe Johnson is doing “bad” things as prime minister, while only 29% think he’s doing well and 7% don’t know I did.

Boris Johnson of Britain faces a rebellion against his leadership

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