Boris Johnson plans to build on the success of the Aukus transaction at the Joe Biden conference

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Boris Johnson will meet Joe Biden at the White House this week. He seeks to rejuvenate transatlantic relations following the chaotic withdrawal from western Afghanistan.

Britain was openly critical of the president’s decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by the end of August. The two global leaders are expected to discuss the latest developments and efforts to prevent humanitarian crises.

A British diplomat said he did not expect the meeting to be “too difficult.” They added, “Boris Johnson is not going to give him a lecture on Afghanistan because there are too many other important issues that cannot be discussed.”

Johnson has been supported prior to the meeting with Biden after London announced a trilateral security partnership between Washington and Canberra last week. Aukus agreement Emphasizing the growing hawkish attitude towards Beijing, it is welcomed in London as a diplomatic victory for Britain.

Leslie Vinjamuri, director of the Chatham House US-US program, said: .. .. Frankly, Biden doesn’t have time to drink spilled milk and is looking for someone on board.

“There is no loss of great love between Johnson and Biden, but at the same time there is a clear sense of the importance of partnership.

“It will be a very positive meeting. [A] Plan and celebrate Aukus, the British boom, to some extent. Hopefully, all they can do is pick up the fragments and try to build on the G7’s momentum. “

The British Prime Minister will speak at the UN General Assembly in New York this week, hosting a global leadership conference that includes the most vulnerable countries to climate change ahead of COP26, which is scheduled to take place in Glasgow in early November. ..

COP26, postponed from last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, is seen by Johnson as an opportunity to “lead the impetus for Global Net Zero.” This is a much easier task with the arrival of a new US president who wants to tackle climate change. The UK will welcome 100 world leaders at this event.

The purpose of this conference is to clarify the parameters of the Paris Climate Agreement, a 2015 agreement aimed at limiting global warming to less than 2 ° C.

Prior to the trip, Johnson said: My message to the people I meet this week will be clear: future generations will judge us based on what we will achieve in the coming months.

“This week, world leaders will arrive in New York for the biggest diplomatic event of the year, so be specific to coal, climate, cars and trees to help COP26 succeed and maintain its climate change goals. Encourage them to take action, within reach.

“We need to continue to insist on a sustainable recovery from the coronavirus rooted in green growth, and we want everyone to benefit from that growth, no matter where it comes from. I have a responsibility to do it. “

Boris Johnson plans to build on the success of the Aukus transaction at the Joe Biden conference

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