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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-10-25 21:19:58 –

Boston (AP) — Boston officials are beginning to clean up vast homeless camps because of the crisis of opioid addiction there.

On Monday, workers at the Homeless Service Department of the Boston Public Health Commission helped people living in camps near the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard.

According to The Boston Globe, people’s items were placed in large yellow and black plastic storage boxes, taken out and stored free of charge.

City officials emphasized that cleaning is underway and that “unless a shelter is provided first, you will not be required to move your tent as part of this effort.”

However, the Massachusetts American Freedom and Human Rights Association has stated that the city has basics such as trash cans and removal, bathroom and sanitation, and access to clean water and showers for people living in camps until they have access to their homes. He said he should meet his needs.

ACLU has public health and additional professionals Sent a letter He urged leaders elected earlier this month to take a “health-centric approach,” including “promoting harm reduction, expanding low-threshold treatments, and eliminating systematic barriers to housing and treatment options.”

Dr. Sara Wakeman, director of substance use disorder medical care at Massachusetts General Hospital, said: ACLU. “Because of this public health crisis exacerbated by the pandemic, we couldn’t do the same here now, and there’s no reason to do it now.”

A notice posted on Sunday along Theodore Grin Way, a street near the problematic intersection, was posted by authorities at 7 am on Monday due to “health, environmental and hygiene concerns” in “of this public space. “General cleaning” will be started.

Last week, Deputy Mayor Kim Johnny declared addiction and homelessness Public health emergencies He also said that about 150 tents located in the area, mainly along Theodore Grin Way, will be removed.

The order also states that police will continue to enforce all laws related to drug trafficking, trafficking, chaotic acts and trespassing.

“Tents aren’t suitable for housing. They lack clean water and proper equipment,” Jenny said at the time. “We cannot allow the most vulnerable populations to continue to suffer in these camps.”

It’s unclear where the city will move those displaced by the removal of the camp, but Jenny and other city officials said last week that no one would move from that location until a suitable alternative shelter was provided. Emphasized.

City officials said opioid-dependent people were also associated with substance abuse treatment options.

With numerous methadone clinics and social welfare facilities, the area has long been a paradise for the sale and use of crime and illegal drugs, often in the open air.

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Boston begins clearing homeless camp, citing opioid crisis – Boston News, Weather, Sports Source link Boston begins clearing homeless camp, citing opioid crisis – Boston News, Weather, Sports

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