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Brighton, Massachusetts – After posting a number of social media scout reports and highlight videos, Boston Bruins scrutinized the first round pick of 2021, Fabian Lysell for the first time. The first day of the Bruins Rookie Camp at the Warrior Ice Arena on Wednesday..

The 18-year-old Swede certainly looks a little nervous during the drill and seems to need some development time before the NHL is ready, but he also denies why he chose Lysel for the first round. I could not do it.

In other words, young Swedish teenagers don’t look different David PastonackAs the youngest player in the NHL during the 2014-15 season, I was dazzled from the moment I stepped onto the ice before advancing to the NHL team.

However, Rysel moved around with dazzling agility and speed, demonstrating his ability to cope with skate speeds that were not really taught. And it’s clear that Rysel himself feels that there are few professional games in Sweden at this point and that the links in North America have been significantly adjusted.

“First and foremost, it’s a great honor to be here. I try to adapt myself to this level and this. [North American] Rysel, who is likely to head to the WHL and Vancouver Giants this season, said unless it really exploded during the Prospect Challenge in Buffalo. “I’m open to everything now and I’m looking forward to everything that comes here.

“I’ve worked hard during the summer, especially on the ice, and I feel like I’m getting faster and stronger. I definitely took it into the game situation and it made me I’m trying to see where to take it. “

Indeed, the Boston Bruins coach staff, working with Rookie and Prospect, noticed number 68 on the first day in Black and Gold.

“Beauty [Lysell] He says the leadership group is coming to a very strong organization. He has a lot of reliable resources, which is really good for such a young player. The message to Fabian is to embrace as much as he can and to be intriguing, “said Ryan Mougenel, head coach of P-Bruces. “There are a lot of great hockey minds around here that you can share. [information].. There are lots of tools and lots of resources that players can use to get better.

“When you’re a young player, it’s difficult, and it’s not in your DNA that’s intriguing. But that’s the message sent to him: you know, ask questions, professionals Rub your shoulders with some of these people who know what goes in to become. Take it every day, see where it goes, and keep investing in yourself. “

What did Mougenel see from Lysel on ice?

“We do our homework as coaches and see what we have and obviously all the reports. [on Lysell] It makes him shine as a player, “Mougenell said. “But he is in 2003. [birth date] And for me, I’m excited about his growth.

“Second [Lysell] Stepping on the ice, he has a presence in him. And he can skate. Obviously, he has a great skill set. With the appearance of many of these young players, it is very clear that they are very skilled. It’s very exciting to be around and see. My perception is about the same as what I’ve heard, so I’m excited about it for him and I’m in line with the first part of his journey. “

Bruins’ player development ranks are clearly exciting, with some of the skilled, fast young prospects just getting into B’s system. Rysel is at the top of the list as a fast, skilled and exciting Boston Bruins prospective poster boy. Now is his first and only chance to make a clear first impression with the Black and Gold organization looking forward to a bright future with talented young Swedes.

Boston Bruins Top Pick Lysell ‘Has A Presence To Him’ Source link Boston Bruins Top Pick Lysell ‘Has A Presence To Him’

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