Boston Celtics Throttle Miami Heat to Level East Finals One Game at a Time | NBA

Jayson Tatum scored 27 points, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown scored 24 points each, Boston Celtics He passed the Miami Heat 127-102 on Thursday night and dominated the first half to tie the finals of the Eastern Conference one match at a time.

The smart was a triple-double rebound shy after adding 12 assists and 9 rebounds.

Grant Williams scored 19 points in Boston. Boston gained control with a 17-0 run in the second half of the first quarter and five three pointers on a span of six possessions. Payton Pritchard and Al Horford each had 10 for the Celtics.

Jimmy Butler scored 29 points in the 32nd minute in Miami, but fell 7-1 at home in these playoffs. Gabe Vincent and Victor Oladpio each scored 14 points, and Tyler Herro added 11 to the heat.

The Celtics scored 4-0 in these playoffs in the match shortly after the defeat, scoring 20 shots from a 3-point range to 10 in Miami. Game 3 will take place on Saturday in Boston.

And the margins may have gotten worse. Boston was fourth with 34 points to put the game at the pinnacle of Celtics and Heat history. The Celtics’ record of the biggest postseason wins to date is 40, and the record of the biggest postseason loss heats to date is 36, before the meaningless Miami runs the last moment. These numbers were within reach.

Boston dragged 10 in the first quarter, surpassing Miami 60-21 in the next 18 minutes. This was a 39-point turnaround, leading to a 70-45 half-time lead.

With a 25-point half-time lead, the Celtics were the largest in the road playoff game, surpassing the 22-point edge in the 2009 Chicago break.

Brown scored 11 points in the first quarter when the Celtics went from the 3-point range to 11-9. After that, Tatam scored 17 points second, and Boston continued to pull away on the day when everything went on the Celtics path. Earlier that day, they learned that after missing out on the series opener, two starters, Horford (a virus-related issue) and Smart (a sprained midfoot), were allowed to play in Game 2. I did.

“I had to rest, regain my health, see and see a few things, come out and run in this game,” Smart said.

And the good news lasted until late at night.

Butler scored 16 points in the third quarter, scored a heat within 17, and did everything he could to attempt a comeback. However, the Celtics’ 12-2 run in the second half of the quarter recovered the edge of 27 points. The lead was 96-71, in fourth place, and the result was never a problem for the rest.

Miami did not use the starter in the fourth quarter.

Boston Celtics Throttle Miami Heat to Level East Finals One Game at a Time | NBA

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