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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-01-14 19:05:18 –

A former Boston firefighter denied a better position in retaliation for reporting harassment after being sexually harassed by a male colleague at work, but said the settlement with the city had reached $ 3.2 million. The lawyer said on Tuesday.

An agreement with Natalie Fontanes was signed last month, her lawyers, including Gloria Allred, said.

A message asking for comment was left in the city.

“The result is Natalie’s courage to carry out the proceedings, Boston’s refusal to deny the legal right to enjoy equal employment opportunities and to be free from sexual harassment at work, and retaliation against her. I got it for that. I’m protesting it. “

Fontanes joined the Boston Fire Department in November 2011, hoping to help people and stop relying on minimum-wage jobs and welfare as a single mother.

“I wanted to be the bravest man in Boston. I wanted my daughter to be proud. I wanted to be a woman who had never seen a fire truck in her neighborhood,” she said.

She said she had been harassed and dismissed when she complained to her boss and was sexually assaulted at the fire department by a colleague who was later convicted of criminal accusations.

“I’m breaking the silence because I believe women firefighters deserve equal treatment at the Boston Fire Department,” she said.

When Fontanes became interested in joining the Boston Fire Investigation Unit, she was told that her position was only available to senior firefighters. However, she later learned that work would go to a white man who joined the department on the same day as her.

“This denial of equal employment opportunity is yet another example of Natalie’s gender-based discrimination,” Allred said.

“The Boston Fire Department is saddened by the loss of valuable firefighters and members of the fire department, but the settlement is in the best interests of all parties, allowing everyone to move forward, and Fontanes is well. I hope it will be, “Boston Fire Department Director John Dempsey said in a statement Thursday. “The department has always taken all complaints in the workplace as seriously as possible.”

Boston Firefighter Sex Discrimination Case Settled for $3.2M – NBC Boston Source link Boston Firefighter Sex Discrimination Case Settled for $3.2M – NBC Boston

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