Boston Task Force Recommends Steps For Equitable COVID-19 Recovery – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2021-07-16 17:15:39 –

The COVID-19 Health Inequality Task Force in Boston announced a pandemic recovery plan on Monday. 112-page report It urges the city to identify and dismantle the root causes of structural inequality in order to close Boston’s health inequalities.

The plan is for former Mayor Marty Walsh to declare racism a public health crisis, redistribute funds from the Boston police overtime budget, mandate the Boston Public Health Commission, and provide policies to combat the problem. It will be held one year and one month after it is formulated.

The plan, entitled “Health Equity Now,” ambitiously combines economic, social and medical initiatives with eight goals as guidelines.

・ Increase the number of homes, support renters, and promote the stability of the neighborhood

・ Reduce the wealth gap

・ Increase participation in the economy

· Expand access and opportunities for color students

・ Increase the number of representatives in terms of leadership, influence, and power

・ Increase cultural pride

・ Promote happiness and improve quality of life

· Increase disease prevention and reduce chronic illness

The report recommends that cities move towards these goals by raising awareness and awareness of racial discrimination and inequality, eliminating the digital divide, and eliminating food insecurity.

Releasing a report from the Whittier Street Health Center, Task Force members said the COVID-19 pandemic was a permanent race between Boston’s poor-colored community (including the immigrant community) and its white middle class. He said he exposed the target and socio-economic disparities.

“Now is the time for all of us leaders, community members, policy makers, business leaders, cities, universities, hospitals and every corner of Boston to participate in the reconstruction of Boston without race and health. Inequality. ” Whittier Street CEO Frederica M. Williams said.

Michael Curry, CEO of the Massachusetts Community Health Center, said Boston has medical professionals to develop strategies beyond fair testing, vaccination, and contact tracing to talk about the underlying issues of racism. He said the convocation was commendable.

“Sufficient mayors and town managers across the country didn’t do that,” he said, nodding to the current US Secretary of Labor, Jared Walsh, who has begun his efforts. “What came from this Health Equity Now report? [is] The perception that racism exists, that is the way we got here. ”

When asked about the ongoing mayoral competition affecting the implementation of the report’s goals, Williams said it was up to voters to push candidates.

“This should be an important part of what makes people responsible for accomplishment,” she told GBH News.

Recent polls from Suffolk University / The Boston Globe show racism, justice, and equality The height of the voter’s heart.. This issue was second only to housing among the 500 voters surveyed.

Deputy Mayor Kim Janie will hold a press conference tomorrow in response to this report.

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