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UPK offers up to 750 seats in a community environment and is expanding to launch a pilot program for 3-year-olds.

The Boston Public School (BPS) and the Boston City initiative Boston Universal Pre-K (Boston UPK) began applying for pre-kindergarten seats in a community-based environment during the 2021 and 2022 academic years. Pre-kindergarten (pre-k), also known as K1, is provided free of charge to families in Boston. Eligible students must live in Boston and be 4 years old before September 1, 2021. A 3-year-old student in the new Limited Pilot Program in a community-based setting must be 3 years old before September 1, 2021.

Boston offers a mixed delivery pre-k system. This includes options for both BPS classrooms and community-based centers in the city. Boston UPK is in its third year of serving kindergarten children in a community-based environment, including child care centers and neighborhood community centers.

As of 2020-2021, Boston UPK serves 41 classrooms on 31 sites funded under 18 community organizations throughout the city of Boston. The pre-kindergarten curriculum and quality in a community-based setting is consistent with that of the K1 in the BPS classroom. This includes using a nationally recognized focus curriculum, providing 6.5 hours of school days for 180 days per year, community-based teacher qualifications, starting salaries, and professional development to match BPS school staff qualifications. It is included.

Expanded to be able to control a 3-year-old child with UPK

As a new pilot program for the 2021-202 academic year, Boston UPK will serve a limited number of 3 years old in addition to 4 years old. The existing Boston UPK community-based site offers the option of providing mixed classrooms for 3-year-olds with up to 25% of the seats in each classroom. Not all Boston UPK sites can serve 3-year-olds, and Boston UPK wants to expand its program over the next few years.

“The Boston UPK Program provides quality preschool education every four years in the city, through routine development, social, emotional and critical thinking skills building in school and life from an early age. I will prepare the students. ” Boston Mayor Kim Johnny. “Expanding to include 3-year-olds is one factor that closes the gap in opportunities in Boston, helping families who are under the influence of a pandemic start their learning journey even faster. Helps to. ”

Pre-kindergarten registration for the 2021-22 academic year has started

The Boston UPK Sheet application is now available in a community-based setting. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and there is no deadline for application or registration. However, if you apply early, you are more likely to find vacant seats in or near your family’s neighborhood. Parents and caregivers can find out more about Boston UPK in their community-based settings and complete their application at the following URL: After being asked to create an account in the registration system, the caregiver can find a site near home or work and be asked to rank the top three options for UPK sites. The next day, staff at Boston UPK or a community-based site will contact you about the next steps.

“Boston Public School is excited to offer many of Boston’s youngest learners a free pre-kindergarten experience for their families. Every child has a great opportunity to help them learn and prosper. It deserves education and fair access, “said BPS director Brenda Caserius. “By expanding access to high-quality pre-kindergartens, the BPS family will be able to take a step towards the continued growth of their children. As part of this expansion, we will offer the UPK program. We look forward to identifying more community partners. “

History of Boston’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten

In 2005, Boston promised to ensure that all four-year-olds in Boston had preschool education. In 2013, Boston became a recipient of the Preschool Expansion Grant, which will continue until 2019. In 2015, the city emphasized high quality as well as increased preschool access, and in 2019 Boston announced a $ 15 million Quality Pre-K fund to offer additional seats in a community-based setting. Startup funds for. The Boston UPK is funded through the city’s Pre-K Fund, the Boston Public School District Fund, and public and private philanthropy.

In 2020, the Boston School Commission approved a connector system for students at Universal Pre-K, a community-based organization migrating to kindergarten within BPS, to ensure continuity of the kindergarten experience. In 2021, Boston Mayor Kim Johnny approved the expansion of the Boston Universal Pre-Kindergarten and granted a limited pilot program for 3-year-olds to provide relief to families most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently New American works It highlights the need for pre-kindergartens during the recovery of COVID-19 and reviews recent studies by students of the Boston Pre-kindergarten program focusing on both math and literacy, as well as significant language improvements. Previous research The Boston pre-k model was found to significantly improve the child’s readiness for future learning.

“UPK was the perfect transition for my son from day care in a small and loving home to a more traditional school environment,” said the Roxbury Tenant of Harvard (RTH) Early Education Center in the Longwood Medical Area. Said Sarah Oria, who has a child who goes to UPK. “The focus on practical education staff, diverse groups of peers, and play and exploration has contributed significantly to his growth over the past year. He has acquired important literacy and computing skills. But through the UPK experience, I have become a more confident learner, a very curious thinker, and a better friend. “

Boston UPK governance includes the Mayor of Boston, Boston Public School Directors, Boston School Commission, UPK Advisory Board, UPK-funded community-based organizational leadership, and family councils.

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