Boulder’s Lolita’s Market and Deli sold to owners of Lucky’s Market – Denver, Colorado

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Lolita’s Market and 800 Pearl Street Deli. The designated historic landmark store and its building were purchased by Lucky’s Market owners this week. Christopher Wood / Biz West.

Lucky’s Market owners purchased Lolita’s Market and Deli.

Bo and Trish Sharon, who founded Lucky’s in 2003, said in a press release that they had acquired the Lolitas and 800 Pearl Street buildings.

According to Boulder County property records, Sharon also acquired a vacant lot on the eastern side of the building. The sale of the building and land ended on Monday for $ 4.95 million.

“Bo and Trish have built a company from scratch in the community through knowledge of local market needs,” said John Tayer, President and CEO of Boulder Chamber. “I am confident that their decision to buy Lolita will be in line with the values ​​they maintain in their business practices while meeting the needs of the community.”

Sharons purchased Lolita’s from Libby Cook and Randy Clapp, which they have owned and operated since 1985. Built as a mining facility in 1876, the Deli building was designated a historic landmark in 2008.

“MS. Cook and Clap are excited to pass on the legacy of the Lolita’s Market and 800 Pearl Street buildings to local owners and look forward to spending more time with their families and non-profit activities. “I will.”

It’s unclear if Lolita’s will continue to operate under the same brand.

Since the closure of alfalfa on 1651 Broadway in February Downtown Boulder and Hill did not have a full-service grocery store within walking distance.. It is not yet known if Lolita will try to fill that void under the new ownership. Originally a 24/7 local fame and serving fresh homemade sandwiches, the store serves groceries, drinks and light meals, but is not a full-service grocery store.

“The transfer of business ownership can be a concern when it comes to getting outsiders to buy a local institution,” says Tayer. “Fortunately, in this case, I think we have two individuals who understand local ethics and are successful entrepreneurs and will continue to enhance that space.”

Sharons has been running Lucky’s Market since 2003, when it bought the North Boulder Market on the 3960 Broadway to sell local organic foods and renamed it. Over the next few years, we added Lucky’s Cafe, which offers comfort food made with local ingredients, and Lucky’s Bakehouse and Creamery, which offers homemade cakes, ice cream, and pastries.

Lucky’s expanded to eight other states in 2013 and expanded to 39 locations nationwide in 2016 with investment from Kroger Co.

However, in 2019 Kroger sold its stake, Lucky’s declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and two locations: the Fort Collins store and the North Boulder flagship store with the original Lucky’s Market, cafe and bakery. I was forced to close or sell all but.

Lucky and Lolita representatives could not be asked for further comment.

Boulder’s Lolita’s Market and Deli sold to owners of Lucky’s Market Source link Boulder’s Lolita’s Market and Deli sold to owners of Lucky’s Market

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