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Denver — 21-year-old Isabella Taras’ father and boyfriend. The one who died in the shooting while walking his dog In June 2020, a lawsuit was filed against the suspect and a former sergeant of the Denver police who used the gun to fire.

In June 2020, a shooting incident occurred outside an apartment complex in the Ballpark area. Michael Close allegedly yelled at Simon from the window of the apartment, “Are the victims going to train their dogs or just yelling?” Close reportedly began filming later.

Isabella Taras was shot dead and Simon was shot twice but survived. Surgery to repair a fractured femur..

In January, Denver police confirmed the AR-15 used in the shooting I belonged to a police officer in Denver, But was not issued by the Denver Police. According to police, a friend of the policeman, Claus, took the firearm out of the policeman’s house without his knowledge or permission.

The court document submitted on behalf of Joshua Taras, the father of Simon and Isabella Taras, is Close, a former Denver Police Sergeant. Daniel Politica and his business, Tyrant Arms LLC. According to documents, Simon and Joshua Taras are seeking $ 100,000 for injuries, damages, and losses suffered by Simon and Joshua Taras.

The complaint states that Crows intends to harm both Isabella Taras and Simon. According to the document, Politika “worried about Crows’ mental condition and took him to a mental hospital” on the day of the shoot. I was trying to do it. ” The complaint also states that ammunition and weapons taken from Politika were not stored in weapon lockers.

In total, the complaint states eight allegations for relief. A claim for unjustified death, assault and assault, intentional imposition of mental distress, collective liability, and conspiracy against Darian Simon has been filed with Close. Claims for unjustified death, negligence and negligence itself, collective liability, consortium and negligence consignment have been filed against Politica and / or his company.

Simon and Joshua Taras lawyers Craig Silberman and Joshua Maximon have issued the following statement on behalf of their clients:

“Today is Isabella Joy Taras’ 22nd birthday. Bella and her beloved boyfriend, Darian Simon, should celebrate. But Bella was murdered and Darian Simon was almost a year ago. The murder weapon was the AK-47, which was reportedly owned by DPD Sgt. Dan Politica

Politica was the owner / operator of Tyrant Arms, LLC. The murderer, a friend and best friend of Politica, somehow obtained an illegal (in Denver) assault weapon and banned a large magazine filled with ammunition (in Colorado). ..

Our proceedings seek answers and accountability. Honor Bella. Pay tribute to Darian. We intend to prove what really happened in Denver, Colorado on June 10, 2020. “

Closed requested As a result of deliberation, there was one first-class murder charge. One of the first-class murders – extreme indifference. One attempted first-class murder after deliberation. One attempted first-class murder – extreme indifference. One first-class assault with a deadly weapon. 1st 1st Assault – Extreme Indifference. Six felony counts for possessing a large magazine during a crime. Three misdemeanors of possession of a banned large magazine. Two misdemeanors regarding the use of prohibited weapons. One of the chaotic acts caused by possession of a firearm. And four possible punishment intensification measures related to the execution of heinous crimes and the use of weapons.

In March, Crows pleaded not guilty for loss of soul.

Politika submitted her resignation on February 13, and resigned from DPD a month later.

April, Governor Jared Polis Sign the Law Senate Bill 21-078, This has been renamed the Isabella Joytalus Act. Isabella Taras’ mother’s bill is Announcer who lobbied, Gun owners must report stolen firearms to law enforcement agencies.

Boyfriend, father of woman killed in 2020 Denver shooting file civil lawsuit Source link Boyfriend, father of woman killed in 2020 Denver shooting file civil lawsuit

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