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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —The holiday arrived in Boystown with children celebrating the season at a drive-through event called Christmas in our village.

Families and children set fire to trees, met reindeer, and met Santa Claus.

Rev. Aaron and Rev. Kendal Robertson once served as family teachers in Boystown, living with a few students and providing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“We loved to share the food and Christmas traditions, and the true reason for Santa’s appearance and the season. It was Jesus and his birth, celebrating all of them and all the traditions.” Kendal said.

Aaron and Kendal admit that they took care of children who had nothing to do with them, but the word “family” took on a new meaning at times like Christmas in the village.

“We come with them and they and their families so that their families are traditional and traditional and do many wonderful things with their children that would not have been possible anywhere else. Had to share with, “Kendal said.

It’s a feeling shared by Aaron Cobbs, an assistant family teacher who spent 29 Christmass in Boystown.

“I like spending Christmas with everyone, and I think everyone is part of my family, I spent a lot of time with them,” Cobbs said.

The Christmas story is about the birth of the Redeemer. According to Aaron, there is no shortage of redemptions on this campus.

“Boystown is the land of second chances, third and fourth chances, and all chances for children and adults,” Aaron said. “As long as we are trying to be better, we are not really ashamed to accept the turmoil and give grace to each other. I think the same is true of our faith.”

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