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Brad Pitt in the conference room?Why Business People Adopt Long Hair

For barber shops Men who were closed early in the blockade and wanted to avoid tragic DIY cuts had two options. Those who choose the latter can hide the annoying intermediate steps and grow mops from the safety of the house without having to meet in person. Eventually, the glorious mane grew. And many men liked what they saw.

As the United States reopens, many once cropped corporate types are choosing to maintain flowing hair tresses. Soon, a man who looked exactly like an apostle, rock star, or beat poet could live in a conference room.

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Audrey Hootman, owner of Talc + Tonic, a Chicago salon with business-oriented customers, reported a recent increase in long-haired patrons aged 26-36. And when Takamichi Saeki reopened his Manhattan salon in mid-2020, his customers, including lawyers, bankers and customers in their 60s, came with hair to brush their collars. Of those, “more than half” kept things long — and many demanded Brad Pitt shags.

The Brad Pitt seen here in the 2020 Oscar encouraged many men to go longer.


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Some men find it takes longer to maintain a long style (the more hair, the more hair will malfunction), but others argue against it. Saeki said long cuts should be trimmed every 2-3 months instead of short styles every month. He suggests washing and conditioning the hair every few days and then using hair cream and oil, or matte wax, to clean the hair from the face.

Fredric Cibelli, 44, a partner at Ernst & Young in New York, finds chin length easier to manage than a short back. When styling, he combs it and pushes it behind his ears. Sometimes I apply a little wax. “Every morning, it’s not a perfect rigmalol.”

You can enhance your charm by allowing nostalgia and long hair to express your identity. Prior to Covid, New York’s legal counsel, Ian Mack, 31, hadn’t worn a blonde surfer wave since backpacking around the world in 2014.

For Arnie Sags, 54, raising Afro signaled her return to childhood and made him feel “more in harmony with being black.” When dressing up, an Atlanta reporter runs a clear cream through his gray striped afro and picks it out “as high as it goes”. He quoted Afro hair from his mother, philosopher Cornel West and Prince as inspiration, and said he was impressed with “the power of this cultural phenomenon that only blacks can experience.”

Cibelli and Mack said the future of their grown tablets will depend on how they unfold in the coming months. Cibelli hopes his office dress and grooming code will be more “relaxed” than before Covid. Early signs confirm that. A recent survey of more than 1,000 Americans by fintech firm Klarna found that nearly 50% plan to wear “more comfortable” clothing in the office than before the pandemic. In other words, there is a high possibility that the office after the closure will restore the top button, you know, I’ll take that hair down.

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Brad Pitt in the conference room?Why Business People Adopt Long Hair

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