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Brazil reported one of the highest Covid-19 deaths in the world

Covid-19 deaths in Brazil are currently Over 500,000Behind only the marked United States 600,000 people died Last week, and India with the dead Can range from 600,000 to 4.2 million..

According to official data, about 18 million people have been infected so far, with an average of about 73,000 new cases occurring in the country and about 2,000 deaths per day. However, many experts believe that the numbers underestimate the true range of epidemics in the country, as they do in India.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Reject the threat posed by the virus, Even though I signed it myself last year. On Saturday, thousands protested his response to the pandemic, including resistance to the edict of wearing masks and the slow deployment of vaccines. Reuters.. It is believed that only 11 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.

A Terrible dredgingT has also taken control of this country, the worst in at least 91 years, experts say, a terrible fire season may further complicate the struggle of the country to control the virus. Smoke can even exacerbate the case of Covid-19 by increasing lung inflammation.

“It’s a dangerous situation,” said Dr. Aljerry Rêgo, professor and director of the Covid facility in Amapa, Amapá. “And, of course, the biggest risk is to overwhelm the already unstable public health system in Amazon.”

In a recent testimony to the legislative committee, a former Brazilian health minister explained Mr. Bolsonaro’s confused belief that antimalarials are effective against Covid-19.n Pfizer executives The company provided Brazil with millions of Covid-19 vaccines last year, but said the government hadn’t responded for months.

Bolsonaro shrugged the revelation. last month, His government announced Brazil was scheduled to host a Copa America football tournament later this year after Argentina decided to be irresponsible while the virus continued to spread.

Officials reported on Friday that 82 people involved in the tournament were infected with Covid-19, according to the Associated Press. The Brazilian Ministry of Health said in a statement that 37 athletes and staff from 10 tournament teams were infected with 45 workers.

Brazil reported one of the highest Covid-19 deaths in the world

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