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Brazil’s Best Secret: The Canyon of Santa Catarina

Located in the deep south of Brazil, the mountains of Serra Catarinense, or Santa Catarina, are vast areas of plateau covered with rocky mountains and swooping waterfalls. With an area of ​​approximately 6,000 square miles, it passes through Santa Catarina, Brazil’s second southern state. The rugged landscape echoes throughout the local gaucho culture, celebrating the South American style of the cowboy way. I went to Brazil about 12 times and lived there for 5 years. I hadn’t heard of the Seracatalinense Mountains until a few years ago when I saw my favorite telenovela “Além do Tempo” and noticed a series of majestic canyons appearing on the screen. Incredibly, my wife Juliana from the north coast of Brazil said the canyon is part of Seracatalinense, a few hours drive from Florianopolis, and is probably my favorite vacation destination. .. I wanted to see it myself someday.

Earlier this year I traveled to Brazil with a hybrid gypsy. After spending a few months in Florianopolis, the summer faded and the fall came, and the canyon reminded me again. Coincidentally, a Brazilian poet met Pedro McCardel, who turned into an addictive explorer. Not only was he familiar with Serra Catarinense, he said he went there the next day. With plans to lead a group of dirt biker surfers to a short expedition to Seracatalinense, Pedro suggested that I tag them together.

Brazil’s Best Secret: The Canyon of Santa Catarina

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