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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-09-21 20:13:59 –

“Whenever a cop calls it early in the morning, it’s just a hole in your stomach because it’s never good news,” said Quarter Celtic owner Rory McKeon. “In the middle of the drive down, I hope it’s not too bad. Then we got here, and it was as terrible as we didn’t want.”

When McKean arrived at his business, the glass covered the floor. APD had detained suspect Daniel Amadeo Jaramiro, but the damage had already occurred and had to be closed all day just to clean up.

“They threw rocks into the brewing glass, came down and broke almost every glass in a place like walking on the snow. Every computer broke everything,” McKean said. Said.

Around the same time, Nibbles Exotic owner Cesar Perez received a notification on his phone from his security camera. When he watched the video, he saw a man kicking the door of his office.

“He came in, cut off the lock, came back and kicked it with the backpack we had,” said Nibble’s exotic owner Cesar Perez.

A few days later he remained clear of the turmoil. He exchanged keys on his front door and installed a brand new door in his office.

“It caused almost all the damage,” Perez said.

The exotic nibbles opened in July, the second time his business has been hit, but there’s still no clue as to who broke in.

“Honestly, it’s pretty disappointing, but at least now I’m moving forward for me. I’m thinking of everything I can’t leave. But it’s not comfortable to leave things here. No, “perez said.

Perez said the thief had a backpack, some money behind, and some other inventory. At Quarter Celtic they are still left with a large invoice while the thieves did not escape. McKeown said he’s still calculating the cost of the repair, but so far it’s well over $ 5,000.

“It wasn’t good to keep bouncing back for two years, so when this happens, oh, come on,” McKean said.

Both companies were able to recover today, but said vandalism in that part of the town seemed to be more common, confirming that APD responded to more corporate intrusions and robbers this year. Did.

Break-ins leave two NE Albuquerque businesses cleaning up the damage Source link Break-ins leave two NE Albuquerque businesses cleaning up the damage

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