BREAKING: APS Sets Dates for Return to In-Person Learning – Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas 2021-02-09 15:45:53 –

Francisco Durán, Superintendent of Arlington Public School Presentation Return to school on Tuesday afternoon, almost 11 months from school Closed first At the beginning of the pandemic.

Students will begin entering the building little by little every grade on Tuesday, March 2nd. By Tuesday, March 16th, all students who choose to meet in person will be able to go to school twice a week on either Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday and Thursday. Friday.

Teachers and staff who have been Re-enter the classroom According to Durand, he will gradually return a week before the students from last week. This month, APS will end or reduce the program that currently provides limited classroom educational support to some students.

“I am encouraged by recent improvements Health index, Arlington and neighboring communities are currently declining case positive rates and other indicators, “Duran told the APS family by email. “In the last two weeks, staff have returned to the building to further strengthen mitigation measures in preparation for the next transition.”

The superintendent was planning to announce these dates at the school board next week, but his plans are Changed last week,In response to Press conference Virginia Governor Ralph Northam urges resumption of school system By March 15..

According to Durand, more than half of APS staff have been vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine so far, and “always” new appointments are being added. Staff vaccinated in mid-January are now planning a second vaccination, he added.

According to Durand, the family will be further contacted by the APS regarding face-to-face days, educational models, modes of transportation, and changes in teacher and classroom assignments.

He urged the school community to “be vigilant and cooperate.” protest Opposition to the continued closure of Arlington’s school. Some APS families and many teachers oppose reopening schools until more vaccinations are implemented.

“Our ability to keep moving forward depends on all of us wearing masks, staying home when sick and following all other mitigation strategies recommended by public health to reduce the spread of the virus. “I will,” said Durand.

Durand added that he would share more information at the school board on February 18.

The schedule for the new semester announced today is as follows.

March 2-5:

  • PreK-2nd grade
  • All students enrolled in the county-wide primary school special education program (PreK-5 grades – mini MIPA, MIPA, life skills, communication, hearing impaired – hearing loss – 4 days a week, Tuesday to Friday)
  • Elementary school students enrolled in the interlude

March 9-12:

  • 3rd-5th grade
  • 6th and 9th grade
  • All students enrolled in the county-wide secondary special education program (6th-12th grades – MIPA, life skills, hearing impaired, Schreiber program – 4 days a week, Tuesday to Friday)
  • Middle school students enrolled in Interlude and PEP programs

March 16-19:

  • 7th-8th grade
  • 10th to 12th grade

Special programs will end or be reduced the next day.

  • February 19th (Friday): Five-day education and learning support for students identified in four elementary schools will be switched to Monday only.
  • Friday, February 19: Seven non-school-based meal drop-off locations will be closed.
  • February 26th (Friday): The “Workspace” program for junior high school students will end.

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BREAKING: APS Sets Dates for Return to In-Person Learning Source link BREAKING: APS Sets Dates for Return to In-Person Learning

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