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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-07-19 10:26:27 –

The book contains more than half of the 2021 MLB season, and Brewers is pacing for the season with some impressive individual and team performances.

The “second half” of their campaign began informally on Friday, but the midpoint of the Brewers season is already a few weeks behind. This is the 95th Sunday match this year, and by the middle of this week it will already be over 60% of the season.

If they can continue their current success, this Brewers team will have the opportunity to find themselves in the elite companies in the history of the franchise. They are moving at a pace of 95.5 wins, just half the record set by the 2011 (96-66) and 2018 (96-67 including tiebreaker games) teams. They last won exactly 95 regular season games in 1982, winning the American League East and reaching the World Series.

There are some individual breweries at their own pace with some notable numbers:

Brandon Woodruff: 202 innings, ERA 2.04

In the season when pitcher durability was expected to be an important question mark, Brandon Woodruff has long been at the pace of becoming Brewers’ most trusted flagship player. His 119 innings pitched in the match on Sunday left only three innings from setting him high in his new career, and he is currently at a pace to record 202 innings of the season. When he gets there, he will be the first brewer to break 200 innings since Yovanigajardo in 2012. His 2.04 ERA is also the best ever for a Brewers pitcher with at least 162 innings.

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But if Brewers continues to maintain a comfortable lead at NL Central, it will be difficult to make a decision with Woodruff or any other rotation flagship. Most of their top pitchers are moving at a pace that is significantly above or above the record highs for pitching times. A delicate balance is needed to make sure those pitchers are ready for October, but avoid overstretching before that.

Brandon Woodruff, Freddy Peralta, Corbin Burnes: Over 218 strikeouts

The trio recently made history as part of the first Brewers team to send four (or three) pitchers to the All-Star game. However, if you are healthy and used consistently, you can effectively rewrite Brewers’ single-season record book into multiple categories.

Prior to this season, only two Brewers pitchers exceeded 218 strikeouts in one season. Teddy Higera set a franchise record at 240 in 1987, and Ben Sheets broke it at 264 in 2004. The Brewers are moving at the pace of three pitchers getting there in 2021.

Omar Narvaez: 5 wins over exchange

After the unconditional disaster of the 2020 season, Narvaez was an absolute revelation for Brewers in 2021. His improvements are most often seen on plates where his on-base and slugging have risen by more than 250 points since last season. He’s done everything much better than he was a year ago and has emerged as one of Brewers’ most valuable batters.

by FanGraphsHowever, Narvaez has provided more defensive value than the bat. They estimate he’s worth about 9.2 runs on the plate and base, but defensively about 11.9, a total of three wins over the exchange. This joined Yasmani Grandal and Jonathan Lucroy, making him the only Brewers catcher worth five wins in a season.

After completing the Reds sweep on Sunday, Brewers revealed that they knew there was still more work to be done to finish what they had started. That said, their recent performances are in a position to leave an impressive legacy if they can maintain this pace.


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