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Brian Kelly found ‘alignment’ with LSU, which hopes he can sustain its football program | LSU – New Orleans, Louisiana

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This word came up in the introduction of Brian Kelly. Whenever LSU’s new football coach was asked why he left Notre Dame a few days before the College Football Playoff made his choice, Kelly persuaded athletic director Scott Woodward to take on the job. came back.

Kelly referred to the term in ten installments Wednesday afternoon, whether it was an answer to a question or an opening statement. He saw collaboration with universities, government, and Woodward. Through their conversation, Kelly believed that he and LSU shared similar goals.

The more Kelly mentions how adjustments influenced his decision, the more the winning coach in Notre Dame’s history will take over the depressed program since winning the two-year national championship. Before emphasizing why he left the only area he had ever worked for.

“This is about alignment,” Kelly said. “That’s a draw for me.”

Kelly, 60, hopes the alignment will help him achieve something he has never seen before. To win the FBS national title. He spends half his life as a head coach and has never won a championship at this level. Kelly did not suggest that he was unable to win the championship at the University of Notre Dame. Fighting Irish has reached the 2012 BCS title game and two college football playoffs. Over the last three years — he thought LSU offered another opportunity to compete.

“I came here because I wanted to be with the best people,” Kelly said. “The resources here are great. It starts with the standards of integrity, excellence and expectations. Listen, you are here from a championship perspective. I want it. Under bright light. I want to be on Broadway. “

Kelly then raised his right hand to form an “L” for Louisiana, answering questions about how he had to adapt to the South.

“I didn’t know what this meant until today,” Kelly said. “I know what that means today. I will learn more as I go. But our family will immerse themselves in the culture of Louisiana. We will change nothing. We are not here because of it. We are here to change with it. “

Since Thomas A. Berry in 1907, no one has left Notre Dame Cathedral to go to another school. Kelly said he didn’t enter the 2021 season in search of change. However, Woodward presented him with plans for an LSU program that would remain close to the top of college football each year. Woodward grew up selling peanuts at Tiger Stadium. He understands what coaches are free to use on an LSU resource and recruitment basis. He believed that Kelly could take advantage of it all.

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“His plans to take this program to the next level are the same as ours,” Woodward said. “He’s not here to enjoy success, he’s here to maintain it.”

Woodward and Kelly avoided asking about the process of hiring him, except that Kelly said in a 45-minute conversation with Woodward that he had solidified his belief in LSU’s commitment to the football program.

During the search, Woodward said he liked Kelly’s record, football understanding and leadership. He saw a 263-win coach who led Notre Dame to 10 wins for five consecutive seasons. In search of someone whose past performance suggests future success, Woodward seduced him and signed a 10-year contract with Kelly worth at least $ 100 million. He wasn’t worried about cultural suitability, pointing out that Nick Saban and Urban Meyer won the Southeastern Conference.

“We evaluate who we think can succeed at LSU,” Woodward said. “There’s a long list we’ve experienced. Whether it’s 8, 10, 12, or 15 — I couldn’t tell you. But obviously, it’s clear that Brian Kelly is that guy. was.”

Football coaches have been successful at LSU, especially for the past 20 years. However, Saban, Les Miles, and Ed Orgeron all won national championships, but did not stay long enough to maintain the program or watched the program decline near the end of their tenure. .. LSU wants Kelly to build a sustainable model.

The last two days have been a whirlwind for Kelly. He ended his contract with LSU during a recruitment Monday in California and is back to easily say goodbye to the University of Notre Dame team. After that, I jumped to Baton Rouge and ate a red-tailed grouper at Gino on the night of landing.

Kelly needs to focus on assembling staff, described as a fluid process, for the post-season match between Notre Dame and LSU. We will evaluate the team that has completed the recruitment class in 2022 and admitted that they are not familiar with it yet.

All of that will come weeks or months ahead. But Kelly believes he and LSU will continue to work together throughout the process. Asked if playing at the SEC influenced his decision, Kelly said no.

“If LSU didn’t have a desire for collaboration and leadership, and people and excellence, the SEC wouldn’t really matter to me,” Kelly said. “Once you get this university, LSU has that leadership and a cohesiveness of overall leadership. When Is it in the SEC? Ding, Ding, Ding! “

Brian Kelly found ‘alignment’ with LSU, which hopes he can sustain its football program | LSU Source link Brian Kelly found ‘alignment’ with LSU, which hopes he can sustain its football program | LSU

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