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North Port, Florida-Disassembled Brian Laundrie Where was the survey found? Strangle Of his girlfriend Gabby PetitoDo you want to go from here?

Petite, 22 years old It was discovered that he was killed last month One of the places a young couple visited during a cross-country van trip on the edge of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Curiously, the laundry that goes home alone Drive to Florida.

Laundry named “interested person” in the case, I was missing for a month Before the wreckage of his skeleton was found on Wednesday in a swampy wilderness park near his home.

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This case has elicited worldwide interest and many theories online from amateur criminal nonfiction detectives. It also spotlighted the cases of many missing persons, including women of color who received little attention to Petite, who was white.

Here are some protracted questions:

Can authorities prove that Laundry killed Petite?

DNA matching may be needed to answer that. Both sets of bodies were exposed to elements and animals for several weeks.

The FBI does not say whether there are witnesses to kill Petite or shortly thereafter. One piece of evidence is that Laundry used a debit card that wasn’t his own after Petite was listed as missing.

“That would be circumstantial evidence pointing to him,” said Alfredo Garcia, a former Miami Prosecutor and former Dean of the Faculty of Law at St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens. “It’s a difficult proposal to establish, but it’s not impossible.”

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DNA matching efforts and the use of fingerprints are complicated by the fact that couples were romantically involved and lived together in densely populated areas. However, forensic professionals have many skills to solve crimes despite such obstacles.

“Reconstruction experts can do amazing things, so at some point Laundry is a decisive or almost decisive murderer,” said Bob Jarvis, a law professor at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. I wouldn’t be surprised if I could reach a conclusion. “

How did Laundry die?

Dental record The body found this week was confirmed to be Brian Laundry, The FBI announced Thursday.

His body was handed over to a forensic anthropologist to determine the cause of death.

Retired FBI profiler Jim Clemente said it can be difficult to determine how Laundry died as authorities recovered the “skeleton debris.” He added that he could have been dead all the time Laundry was missing.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean that,” Clemente told CNN’s Erin Burnett Thursday. “But that means that it will be much harder to make good, solid decisions about the causes and methods of death.”

“Unless there is some serious and serious trauma to the skull that can be identified, there may be no way to determine how he died,” he said. “For example, if he drowns, the skeleton has no proof.”

The ruins were found in the area of ​​the Carlton Reserve, a vast 25,000-acre nature reserve. It used to be underwater, but recently it has dried due to fine weather.

Criminal defense counsel Mark Omara said the most rational explanation was that Laundry claimed his life in a nature reserve. Laundry’s parents’ lawyer, Stephen Bertolino, may have spoken on Friday in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The lawyer and Laundry’s parents were discussing the possibility that Laundry died from suicide “several times,” the lawyer said.

“We just don’t know. Of course, it was always worrisome because he knew his mental state when he left the door,” he said in another interview, “sad.” Bertolino said.

Bertolino told GMA The family will accept the coroner’s decision if they come up with another explanation for the cause of death.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Priya Banerjee agreed that researchers face challenges in identifying the cause of Laundry’s death. However, a notebook found near Laundry’s body could be used by investigators to gather insights into his death.

“Maybe the diary and other evidence can shed some light on what happened,” Banerjee said.

Why did the laundry search take so long?

Laundry, 23, was reported missing from his home in Northport on September 17, two days after being nominated as a person interested in Petite’s disappearance.

His family said Laundry left home on September 13 and told his parents Chris and Robert Laundry that he would go hiking in the 25,000-acre (10,100 hectares) Carlton Reserve, a few miles away.

Federal, state, and local law enforcement officials spent weeks searching for reserves where 75% of the land was underwater at one point. The area is home to crocodiles, bobcats, coyotes and snakes.

A diver and a corpse dog were brought in, but only after the heavy rains at the end of summer stopped and the water drained, Laundry’s remains and his backpack and notebook were found with the help of his father.

Authorities have not disclosed the cause of Laundry’s death, nor have they found any notes or other evidence of Petite.

Do Laundry Parents Have Legal Issues?

Prosecutors may investigate obstruction of justice If they hide their son, against their parentsBut it won’t be an easy case to prove it, legal experts said. Petite’s body had not yet been discovered while he was at home.

“It’s a steep hill to climb,” Garcia said. “How can you prove that they know he has committed a crime? Did they deliberately help him avoid discovery and arrest? You prove knowledge and intent. Have to.”

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Laundry’s parents did not interview the media and initially referred law enforcement officers to lawyer Stephen Bertolino. He said his parents were working with investigators and were “broken heart” throughout the situation.

Laundry did not talk to the police on the advice of his lawyer before he disappeared.

Will it affect Utah police?

Police station in Moab, Utah conducts internal review of officer behavior When Petito and Laundrie shut down on August 12th After the two were involved in a conflict.

A police body camera video showed a distraught Petite explaining the escalated battle. Police reported that she was an invader, but only a few scratches were injured. The officers decided to separate them for the night instead of charging a fee.

The question is whether Moab’s officers followed the policy, and if not, did it lead to further violence and perhaps Petite’s murder.

What about “Missing Caucasian Female Syndrome”?

Much has been done in the media about Petite’s keen interest in the case, compared to the fact that little attention was paid to the cases of many missing persons involving colored women.

Native American women, in particular, produce very little media coverage when they disappear.

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In a state report released in January, in Wyoming, where Petite was discovered, media mentions were made in only 18% of cases where indigenous women were missing in the last decade.

According to Syracuse communications professor Carol Liebler, a sample of 247 missing teens in New York and California included 34% of white teens in the media. In contrast, only 7% of black teens and 14% of young Latino Americans were reported. University.

“It is reported that white life is more important than colored people,” she said.

Petito’s father, Joseph Petito, said the Gabby Petito Foundation is in the process of forming and is trying to fill the gap in the task of finding the missing person.

“We need something positive to come from the tragedy that happened,” he said. “You can’t waste her name.”

Dakin Andone of CNN Wire contributed to this report.

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