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Tampa, Florida (WFLA) —The Sarasota County Coroner’s Office has been summoned to North Port Park, which authorities are searching for. 23-year-old Brian Laundry, The representative of the office confirmed.

The news was announced after an item belonging to Laundry was discovered at My Oak Kahatch Creek Environmental Park. Laundry’s family lawyer, Stephen Bertolino, told WFLA’s Mafsasa Adie on Wednesday morning that Laundry’s parents went to the park to find their son and met with Northport police and the FBI.

Bertolino said Brian’s “article” was found on the trail, but provided no further information. He refused to comment on the news that the coroner’s office was called into the area.

park, Open to the public on Tuesday A large law enforcement agency was seen on Wednesday after being closed for nearly a month. Northport police blocked both entrances. They said WFLA’s Allyson Henning Park was closed, but did not share any further details. Northport police spokesman Josh Taylor would just tell Henning that the search would continue.

Amanda Hunter, a spokeswoman for the PASCO Sheriff’s Office, said Northport police requested a body detection K9 from their agency to assist in the search on Wednesday.

Laundry remains the only person interested in death His fiancé Gabby Petite, An incident that is attracting worldwide attention.

The couple set out on a trip across the United States in July, recording their online trips. According to police, Laundry returned to Northport without Petite on September 1, 10 days before the family reported the missing.

Petite’s remains were found at a campsite in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, on September 19. The 22-year-old was strangled and killed, The coroner said earlier this month.

Laundry is required due to fraudulent use of debit cards. A federal grand jury indictment alleges that after Petite went missing, he withdrew or spent $ 1,000 using a debit card that wasn’t him.

Laundry’s parents say his son went hiking on September 13 in the Carlton Reserve, which is about 25,000 acres. And never came back. The reserve leads to 160 acres of My Oak Kahatchie Park, a wooded area just north of Interstate 75.

Local and federal agencies spent more than a month combing vast reserves and parks in the hope of finding a laundry.

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