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The remains were in a place that was underwater, in addition to a backpack and a notebook.

North Port, Florida — On Wednesday, the FBI confirmed at an afternoon press conference that a human body was found in part of a vast Carlton Reserve not far from where some of Brian Laundry’s belongings were located. bottom.

According to FBI Special Agent Michael McPherson, these items included backpacks and notebooks, all of which were in the water until recently.

This announcement is the biggest step forward in finding Gabby Petito’s fiancée Laundry. He has been missing for over a month shortly after returning from a cross-country expedition without her.

Laundry is considered a person interested in her murder, McPherson said.

“Our evidence response team uses all available forensic resources to process the area,” he added. “The team is likely to be in the field for a few days. I know there are a lot of questions, but I haven’t got all the answers yet.”

Part of the My Oak Kahatch Creek Environmental Park adjacent to the Carlton Reserve. Open to the public on Tuesday After a month of closure, it will not be open to the public for the time being.

According to Laundry’s family lawyer, Laundry’s father, Chris Stephen Bertolino, found a bag of Brian’s belongings in the Carlton Reserve on Wednesday morning. He says law enforcement has found another backpack.

One hour before the FBI’s press conference, Governor Ron DeSantis’ schedule showed that he had called Petite’s father.

Laundry’s parents, Chris and Roberta, went to the Carlton Reserve on Wednesday morning after informing the FBI and Northport police that they would help the couple find their son, Bertolino said.

Bertolino told 10 Tampa Bay in a text message. “Chris and Roberta wait for forensic identification of human bodies before making additional comments.”

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that it has sent a K-9 corpse unit to assist in the search for Northport police and other law enforcement agencies. The FBI’s Tampa field office later said the evidence response team was handling the scene.

Sarasota County coroners also responded to the wilderness areas of the vast Carlton Reserve

When asked if Brian was found dead or if the human body was definitely found, Bertolino replied “no comment.”

Since then, Laundry’s parents have returned home.

Brian Laundry, 23 and 22 years old, went on a cross-country road trip in a van in July. According to police, it was later found in Laundry and his parents’ home in Northport, Florida, where Petite lived.

She didn’t come back with him.

Northport Police Station, FBI and Institutional Partners Launched on Saturday, September 18th Looking for Brian Laundry In the Carlton Reserve. His family said the detective believed he entered the vast area a few days ago. There are over 80 miles of hiking trails in the area.

The body was found next Sunday in Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming. On September 21, authorities actively identified the body as Petite.

The coroner’s office determined that Petite’s method of death was murder, but the autopsy revealed that she had been killed by “manual strangulation.” Petite is estimated to have died 3-4 weeks before the body was found.

Law enforcement agencies have significantly reduced Brian Laundry’s search in the reserve, and Northport police have “exhausted all means to search the site.” Since then it has changed.

Arrest warrant Bank fraud rests on Brian Laundry while law enforcement continues to look for him.

Brian Laundrie search: FBI says likely human remains found Source link Brian Laundrie search: FBI says likely human remains found

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