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North Port, FloridaNewsNation Now) — Brian Laundry’s body was found in a Florida reserve where authorities were searching for him, the FBI confirmed.

Personal belongings such as backpacks and notebooks, which are believed to be the property of the laundry, were also found nearby.Confirmed law enforcement sources NewsNation The ashes found on Thursday were skeletal ashes or “bones”. The FBI has announced that it has used dental records to confirm the match.

His girlfriend, 22 years old Gabby PetitoDisappeared during a cross-country road trip with Laundry in a modified camper. The trip was well documented on social media until it abruptly ended somewhere in Wyoming.

Petito was reported missing on September 11th By her parents after she did not answer phone calls or text messages for several days. Petite’s body was found on September 19 just outside Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming...Teton County coroner said earlier this month: Petite died in 3-4 weeks of strangulation Before finding her body.

Brian Laundry was interested in Petite’s disappearance.

The crime grabbed the country as an internet detective tried to resolve the case and began a national conversation Missing person in the United States.. Here’s what we know about future proceedings:

Where did you find the remains?

The ruins were found in My Oak Ka Hatch Creek Environmental Park.. The 24,000-acre Carlton Reserve connects to a 160-acre park in a wooded area near the Interstate Highway.

Authorities have been searching the area for the past month after Brian Laundry’s parents said they had driven to the Carlton Reserve on September 13. He was reported missing on September 17th.

Authorities have closed the reserve to the public. They reopened the park for the first time on Monday.

How did you find the remains?

Laundry lawyer Stephen Bertolino told authorities that Christopher and Roberta Laundry wanted to search for the reopened reserve. Laundry and police began a search on Wednesday morning.

During the search, Bertolino said Christopher Laundry, Roberta Laundry, and two police officers spread out on both sides of the trail that Brian Laundry liked to hike. Christopher Laundry found a bag containing his son’s goods, and police officers found a backpack on the other side of the trail, near the ruins, he said.

Christopher Laundrie previously His son two weeks ago..

Northport police said Thursday NewsNation They are Laundry was 100% sure he didn’t bring anything in reserve while looking for his son.

What else did they find?

Authorities have found human bodies and several items believed to belong to Brian Laundry, such as backpacks and notebooks.

See the full FBI press conference announcing the discovery of the bodies below:

When was the ashes identified?

The FBI issued a statement that dental records proved that the body belonged to Laundry. Initially, coroners said the bodies were unlikely to be identified on Thursday.

Dr. Player Banargy NewsNation Adrian Banckert’s “American morningThe whole process depends on how much the debris is broken down.

“I know the body isn’t what I call normal, you know, decomposition, environmental impact, all of which must have really hurt the body,” Banerjee said.

What does “partial debris” mean?

“Partial bodies are commonly used to describe bodies that are not completely intact,” said former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindafer.

Why did law enforcement take Brian Laundry’s parents to the reserve?

“If Laundry’s parents go to the reserve on their own and find evidence, law enforcement will never believe it. They will think the evidence has been planted. Dave, a state prosecutor in Palm Beach County.・ Aromberg said:

Why was the ashes not found early?

According to the FBI Tampa, items that appear to belong to the laundry were found in areas that were underwater until recently.

“I think there were several factors leading up to this. First of all, the fact that the park was open. So it allowed people to enter it. It allowed laundry to enter. I did, “said Coffindaffer. “Also, the fact that water is retreating. Another huge factor we haven’t really discussed is that this is a major area that has been considered by law enforcement agencies. It’s the same area where Chris Laundrie took law enforcement officers in the past. This gives me a pause. ”

What does the laundry house say?

Laundry lawyer Stephen Bertolino confirmed Thursday that the body belonged to Brian Laundry shortly before the FBI issued a statement. He sought the privacy of the laundry house.

On Wednesday, he issued a statement that Brian Laundry’s parents were in the Carlton Reserve when the partial body was found, but will not comment further until the body is identified.

Chris and Roberta Laundry went to the reserve earlier today when some of the human bodies and Brian’s possessions were in the area that first advised law enforcement agencies that Brian might be present. I was there. Chris and Roberta wait for forensic identification of human bodies before making additional comments.

Stephen Bertolino, Laundry Lawyer

What does the Petite family say?

Gabby Petito’s family did not speak publicly on Wednesday and did not comment on their identities following the news that a partial human body was found in the Carlton Reserve.

In Petite’s hometown of Blue Point, New York, a 22-year-old monument continues to grow, and the streets are lined with turquoise ribbons in Petite’s memory. Some Blue Point residents told NewsNation’s Tom Negoban that they wanted the bodies found to be non-laundry.

Can Brian Laundry’s parents have legal issues?

“It depends on what they know and what they know,” Aromberg said. But if they actively tried to hide the evidence, they destroyed the evidence, disinfected the van, and helped Brian escape. If they lie to an investigator, it’s also a crime — it’s a crime that interferes with the investigation. “

When was Gabby Petito’s body discovered?

On September 19, the FBI Denver confirmed that the body found in Wyoming was believed to be Petite. On September 21, Teton County coroners and the FBI confirmed that the body belonged to Petite.

How did Gabby Petito die?

On September 21, a Teton County coroner ruled Petite’s death as a murder. On October 12, the coroner ruled She died from strangulation 3-4 weeks before her body was found.

When was the last time Brian Laundry was seen?

Brian Laundry’s parents told lawyers that they believed that they last saw Brian Laundry on October 5th and September 13th.

On September 17, their lawyer initially told the news media that their parents last met him on September 14.

When was Gabby Petito reported missing?

Petito was reported missing to Suffolk County Police in New York on September 11, 2021.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Brian Laundrie search: Where the Gabby Petito case now stands Source link Brian Laundrie search: Where the Gabby Petito case now stands

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