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Chicago(NewsNation Now) — In an interview with NewsNation, a Laundry lawyer spoke Thursday against the idea that his client planted it. Brian Laundry’s remains and personal belongings A law enforcement agency found in the Florida Reserve.

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“Do you really think Laundry had the skeleton debris of their son in a plastic bag and brought them to present? [Carlton Reserve]?? “Steven Bertolino told NewsNation Prime on Thursday. “Do you understand how ridiculous it is, how bad it is, and how annoying it is to even hear them?”

Laundry was found dead on Wednesday after a 34-day manhunt. His body was confirmed on Thursday. He was interested in the death of his girlfriend Gabby Petito and was charged with using a debit card after she died.

Meanwhile, online detectives and experts sought to connect clues about how Petite died and where Laundry was hiding.

Laundry remains were discovered this week after the reserve was opened to the public. It was closed for several weeks as police searched. Laundry also helped police search the body on the day it was found. Timing encouraged some to guess fraudulent play.

“Maybe the person who owns the platform steps up and says,” Hey, you have to knock it off. This is ridiculous, “Bertolino said. “So if I’m the only one who has to say this is shit because I didn’t want to say the word bullshit, I’ll say it: it’s bullshit, and John Q Public receives it If not, I’m sorry. “

According to Bertolino, reporters and police were present when Laundry arrived, and police told NewsNation that they believed the Laundry family had nothing to do with the remains found.

“The remains and goods were clearly there for some time,” Northport police said in a statement to NewsNation.

The area where Laundry was found was “completely underwater” during the first few days of the search, Bertolino said. He said laundry remains and items were found about a mile from the trailhead where the water receded on Wednesday.

“It’s so simple that it’s not that difficult, and the public doesn’t understand it,” Bertolino said.

Brian Laundry’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundry, haven’t spoken publicly. Their lawyer said the family was “distracted” and sad after the hopes of reuniting with his son were wiped out on Thursday.

The Petito family has not commented on the confirmation of Brian Laundrie’s death, but there are. Scolded the laundry Silenced in a previous interview.

When asked if Laundry considered contacting Petite’s parents, Bertolino said, “It’s not the right time to have that conversation.”

Bertolino said he was uncertain about his family’s future plans, but said he would “represent the family as much as necessary.”

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Brian Laundrie’s lawyer lashes out at case conspiracy theories Source link Brian Laundrie’s lawyer lashes out at case conspiracy theories

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