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(((NewsNation Now) — Brian Laundry’s sister, Kathy Laundry, was questioned by a small group of protesters outside her home on Monday, revealing some of the timelines around her brother. Gabby Petit’s disappearance and death..

Video, share Exclusively with Nexstar’s NewsNation, Photographed by a man who claims to know the Petit family.

In the video, Kathy Laundry returns Brian from the western United States to Florida at some point before August 17, five days after Brian and Gabby Petit were separated by police in Moab, Utah. I confirmed that I did.

The group asked if Kathy Laundry believed her brother had killed Gabby Petit, and if she thought he was still alive. Her answer to both questions was the same: “I don’t know.”

She told the group she knew nothing wrong until police began interrogating her family on September 11. She also met him on a family vacation on September 6, but said there was no reason to doubt the problem.

Kathy Laundry talked with the group for nearly 20 minutes, admitting that doing so would likely not please their lawyers, but she was upset by the tenacity of the protesters with her children and neighbors. I said there was.

“This is not what we want to do,” said Cassie Laundrie. “This is not the way we want the world to know when we get angry or upset, but we can’t make our children cry for three days in a row.”

She also said the news media misunderstood her answer to the question the last time she saw Brian Laundry. In an interview with ABC News on September 16, she said, “I couldn’t talk to him.” It was interpreted to mean that she had not been contacted by him since Petit disappeared.

You can see the full unedited interview in the following players.

But she said on Monday that the answer was a response to a question along the line, “What was the weirdest of all this?” It’s not “Have you ever talked to your brother since Petit disappeared?”

Family lawyer, Stephen Bertolino, Kathy Laundry said on friday I was with my family at Fort Desoto on September 6th. She confirmed it to a group outside the house.

She said she was unable to talk to her family during the investigation and was critical of Bertolino’s remarks.

“I’m on a boat, ignored by my family and thrown under the bus by a family lawyer,” she said.

When asked to comment, Bertolino said: Kathy’s comment stems only from my words and the media that twisted her words, given only to reveal a previous misunderstanding by the media, hoping to make this tragic story even more sensational. There is likely to be. “

When I heard a person’s impression when he started putting together his work on September 11, he said, “I can’t answer.”

She said in the public silence of her parents so far, “I was as confused and blown away as everyone else.”

She also said that the group’s Brian Laundry was never violent or “abusing” against Petite and others she saw.

During the exchange, Cassie Laundrie asked the group to stop harassing the neighborhood.

“The thing about that is that we know Gabby’s family,” said the man recording the video.

“We too,” Cassie Laundrie replied. “What do you want us to do? We cooperated with the police. We are not supposed to talk to anyone and you are making my children cry.”

“We want to give [Brian Laundrie’s] My nephew gives the answer as to when I can meet my grandparents again, “said James Lewis, husband of Kathy Laundry. “When you know [they can] Look at their uncle or something. He was their hero. “

At the end of the video, the group left and vowed not to come back.

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